Gold Necklaces

Women's 14K Gold Necklaces are comfortable, easy to wear and breathtakingly beautiful. Women have been no stranger to all the glory gold necklaces have to offer. Throughout history gold necklaces have adorned the necklines of women delegating status, luxury and wealth. Wealthy women wore gold necklaces to show off their elevated status during the Hellenistic and Classical periods. The pious wore gold necklaces for religious purposes or talisman as well. Necklace making has come along way since mollusk shells, bones, teeth and stones. Through the years techniques were refined and improved, making it possible to create gold women's necklaces at affordable prices. Once a cause of rival kingdoms and social segregation, women's gold necklaces are now a social integrator and available to many. We feature an invigorating line of gold necklaces for women including Charm Women's Necklaces, Gold Omega Women's Necklaces and White Gold Omega Women's Necklaces. Wear your gold necklace alone for a simple yet elegant look, or mix and match several gold necklaces for a bold and exuberant statement. Fulfill her passion for gold with superlative 14k gold necklaces that have all the luxury and glamour of gold without lavish marked up prices.

14K Gold Necklaces

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