Skiing Charms

Gold Skiing Charms are a fun and exciting way to soar through the slopes while making a refreshing personal statement. Glide through our wonderland of snowy ski charms including skier and ski equipment gold charms, also featuring additional snow sports charms such as snowboarding charms, snowmobile charms, and sledding. Snowcapped mountains may melt away after the wintry months, but with a ski jewelry you can keep the slopes close to your heart long after the season is over.

14K Gold Skiing Charms

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14k gold 3d skier charm pendant
(SKU # 3547KZ)
14K Gold 3D Skier Charm Pendant
14k gold male skiing charm pendant
(SKU # 3552YG)
14K Gold Male Skiing Charm Pendant
14k gold 22mm skier charm pendant
(SKU # 3553KZ)
14K Gold 22MM Skier Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d ski charm
(SKU # 3554KZ)
14K Gold 3D Ski Charm
14k gold skier charm pendant
(SKU # 3555KZ)
14K Gold Skier Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d skier charm
(SKU # 3557KZ)
14K Gold 3D Skier Charm
14k gold snowboarding charm pendant
(SKU # 3558KZ)
14K Gold Snowboarding Charm Pendant
14k gold snowboarder charm
(SKU # 3559KZ)
14K Gold Snowboarder Charm
14k gold snowboarder charm pendant
(SKU # 3561KZ)
14K Gold Snowboarder Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d ski poles charm pendant
(SKU # 3568KZ)
14K Gold 3D Ski Poles Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d snow ski board charm
(SKU # 3570YG)
14K Gold 3D Snow Ski Board Charm
14k gold snowmobile charm pendant
(SKU # 3571KZ)
14K Gold Snowmobile Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d snowboarder charm
(SKU # 3696KZ)
14K Gold 3D Snowboarder Charm

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