Skating Charms

Gold Skating Charms incorporate all of your favorite skating activities into one irresistible collection of impressive skate jewelry. Casual enough for daytime attire, and glitzy enough for those late night escapades, skating gold jewelry adds just the right touch to any occasion. Look sensational wherever you go in ice skating, roller-skating, inline skating and skateboarding gold jewelry each strikingly distinguishable and marvelously hand tailored to perfection.

14K Gold Skating Charms

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14k gold 25mm rollerblade pendant
(SKU # 3426KZ)
14K Gold 25MM Rollerblade Pendant
14k gold rollerblade pendant
(SKU # 3427KZ)
14K Gold Rollerblade Pendant
14k gold rollerblading charm
(SKU # 3429KZ)
14K Gold Rollerblading Charm
14k gold inline skate charm
(SKU # 3430KZ)
14K Gold Inline Skate Charm
14k gold roller skate charm
(SKU # 3434YG)
14K Gold Roller Skate Charm
14k gold quad roller skate charm
(SKU # 3435YG)
14K Gold Quad Roller Skate Charm
14k gold roller skating charm
(SKU # 3436YG)
14K Gold Roller Skating Charm
14k gold 3d roller skate charm
(SKU # 3438KZ)
14K Gold 3D Roller Skate Charm
14k gold female skater pendant
(SKU # 3522KZ)
14K Gold Female Skater Pendant
14k gold ice skate pendant
(SKU # 3525KZ)
14K Gold Ice Skate Pendant
14k gold figure skate pendant
(SKU # 3526KZ)
14K Gold Figure Skate Pendant
14k gold 3-d ice skate charm
(SKU # 3527KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Ice Skate Charm
14k gold 3d ice skating charm
(SKU # 3528KZ)
14K Gold 3D Ice Skating Charm
14k gold 3d ice skate charm
(SKU # 3530KZ)
14K Gold 3D Ice Skate Charm
14k gold 3d rollerblade charm
(SKU # 3697KZ)
14K Gold 3D Rollerblade Charm

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