Whale Charms

Gold whale jewelry is a stylish expression with heightened attention to mesmerizing detail. Meticulously crafted from radiant 14k gold, every gold whale charm and pendant offers impressive detailing and durability. Dive alongside our collection of whale gold charms including humpback whale charms, sperm whale charms, orca whale charms, beluga whale charms and more from our beautiful sea life jewelry collection.

14K Gold Whale Charms

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14k gold humpback whale pendant
(SKU # 804KZ)
14K Gold Humpback Whale Pendant
14k gold whale and calf charm
(SKU # 809YG)
14K Gold Whale and Calf Charm
14k gold 30mm whale pendant
(SKU # 812KZ)
14K Gold 30MM Whale Pendant
14k gold killer whale charm
(SKU # 815YG)
14K Gold Killer Whale Charm
14k gold orca pendant
(SKU # 832KZ)
14K Gold Orca Pendant
14k gold whale mini charm
(SKU # 838YG)
14K Gold Whale Mini Charm
14k gold maui whale slide pendant
(SKU # 841YG)
14K Gold Maui Whale Slide Pendant
14k gold whale charm
(SKU # 845KZ)
14K Gold Whale Charm
14k gold sperm whale
(SKU # 847YG)
14K Gold Sperm Whale
14k gold beluga whale pendant
(SKU # 850KZ)
14K Gold Beluga Whale Pendant

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