Fish Charms

Fish jewelry is a catch! Our expert craftsmen have captured impeccable detailing displayed in each of our 14k gold fish charms. Each fish gold charm is rendered in glistening 14k gold for exquisite durability and appeal. Shop a vast assortment of 14k gold fish charms and pendants featuring a wide variety of fish species from our refreshing sea life jewelry collection.

14K Gold Fish Charms

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14k gold 38mm fish pendant
(SKU # 561KZ)
14K Gold 38MM Fish Pendant
14k gold 3d sea water fish charm
(SKU # 564KZ)
14K Gold 3D Sea Water Fish Charm
14k gold halibut pendant
(SKU # 588YG)
14K Gold Halibut Pendant
14k gold sanddab fish pendant
(SKU # 589KZ)
14K Gold Sanddab Fish Pendant
14k gold sole fish charm
(SKU # 591KZ)
14K Gold Sole Fish Charm
14k gold wahoo fish pendant
(SKU # 597YG)
14K Gold Wahoo Fish Pendant
14k gold 44mm fish pendant
(SKU # 661KZ)
14K Gold 44MM Fish Pendant
14k gold fish pendant
(SKU # 662KZ)
14K Gold Fish Pendant
14k gold sea life fish pendant
(SKU # 665KZ)
14K Gold Sea Life Fish Pendant
14k gold sculpted fish pendant
(SKU # 666KZ)
14K Gold Sculpted Fish Pendant
14k gold lifelike fish pendant
(SKU # 667KZ)
14K Gold Lifelike Fish Pendant
14k gold open mouth fish pendant
(SKU # 668KZ)
14K Gold Open Mouth Fish Pendant
14k gold 3d fish pendant
(SKU # 669KZ)
14K Gold 3D Fish Pendant
14k gold 42mm fish pendant
(SKU # 671KZ)
14K Gold 42MM Fish Pendant
14k gold exquisite fish pendant
(SKU # 672KZ)
14K Gold Exquisite Fish Pendant
14k gold 18mm fish charm
(SKU # 673KZ)
14K Gold 18MM Fish Charm
14k gold sculpted big fish pendant
(SKU # 679KZ)
14K Gold Sculpted Big Fish Pendant
14k gold 3d carp fish pendant
(SKU # 680KZ)
14K Gold 3D Carp Fish Pendant
14k gold big fin fish pendant
(SKU # 687KZ)
14K Gold Big Fin Fish Pendant
14k gold big fin fish charm
(SKU # 688KZ)
14K Gold Big Fin Fish Charm
14k gold lionfish charm
(SKU # 690KZ)
14K Gold Lionfish Charm
14k gold lionfish pendant
(SKU # 691KZ)
14K Gold Lionfish Pendant
14k gold fish charm
(SKU # 698KZ)
14K Gold Fish Charm
14k gold cut-out fish charm
(SKU # 699KZ)
14K Gold Cut-Out Fish Charm

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