Rope Chains

14K Gold Rope Chains are the perfect treat, something one will always cherish and enjoy for time to come. Lustrous 14 karat gold is precision crafted to create Rope Gold Chains that are as durable and versatile as you are. You'll find remarkable Gold Rope Chains showcasing a variety of styles, lengths and widths, suitable for all your needs. Wear your Rope Chain alone for a subtle statement or mix and matched with other Gold Rope Chains for style that is as unique and custom as you are. Gold Rope Chains are stylish and durable, perfect for adding a Personalized Gold Nameplate. We've taken the guesswork out of Gold Rope Chain shopping so you can find that perfect Gold Rope Chain to add to your jewelry collection, by selecting the highest quality of gold and fashioning it with a remarkable attention to detail.

14K Gold Rope Chains

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14k gold 1.5mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH390)
14K Gold 1.5MM Solid Rope Chain
14k gold 2mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH389)
14K Gold 2MM Solid Rope Chain
14k gold 2mm hollow rope chain
(SKU # CH437)
14K Gold 2MM Hollow Rope Chain
14k gold 2.5mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH388)
14K Gold 2.5MM Solid Rope Chain
14k gold 2.5mm hollow rope chain
(SKU # CH436)
14K Gold 2.5MM Hollow Rope Chain
14k gold 3mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH387)
14K Gold 3MM Solid Rope Chain
14k gold 3mm hollow rope chain
(SKU # CH435)
14K Gold 3MM Hollow Rope Chain
14k gold 4mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH386)
14K Gold 4MM Solid Rope Chain
14k gold 5mm solid rope chain
(SKU # CH385)
14K Gold 5MM Solid Rope Chain

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