Praying Hand Charms

Praying hands charms are a remarkable reminder of one's faith. Our 14k gold praying hands charms and religious jewelry is exquisitely crafted and detailed using luminescent 14k gold to create beautiful charms you will cherish for years to come. Choose from a breathtaking assortment of praying hands charms designed to make any occasion a treasured one.

14K Gold Praying Hand Charms

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14K Gold Praying Hands Charm Pendant
(Item # 9022YG)
14K Gold Praying Hands Charm Pendant
14k gold praying hands charm
(Item # 9023)
14K Gold Praying Hands Charm
14k gold 15mm praying hands charm
(Item # 9025)
14K Gold 15MM Praying Hands Charm
14 kt gold praying hands charm
(Item # 9028)
14 Kt Gold Praying Hands Charm

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