Christianity has held the crucifix as a religious symbol for centuries. Our crucifix crosses are a reminder of passion, sacrifice and eternal life with inspiring detail and illuminating gold. Crucifix charms are a stylish way to bring a little bit of devotion to your wardrobe. Our crucifix jewelry is meticulously crafted from luminous 14k gold and fashioned with finite attention to remarkable detailing. Choose from an inspirational collection of 14k gold crucifix charms, available in many styles and designs. Crucifix charm pendants are endearing symbols of devotion. Luminescent 14k gold and remarkable craftsmanship combine to create a collection of 14k gold crucifix charm pendants available in a variety of designs, styles and designs of crucifix jewelry. Crucifix pendants are endearing expressions of faith rendered in luminous 14k gold.

14K Gold Crucifixes

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14k gold anchor crucifix pendant
(Item # 7828)
14K Gold Anchor Crucifix Pendant
14k gold crucifix anchor pendant
(Item # 7835)
14K Gold Crucifix Anchor Pendant
14k gold inri crucifix pendant
(Item # 8360)
14K Gold INRI Crucifix Pendant
14k gold classic crucifix pendant
(Item # 8442)
14K Gold Classic Crucifix Pendant
14k gold 48mm crucifix pendant
(Item # 8444)
14K Gold 48MM Crucifix Pendant
14k gold 46mm crucifix pendant
(Item # 8446)
14K Gold 46MM Crucifix Pendant
14k gold 23mm crucifix pendant
(Item # 8453)
14K Gold 23MM Crucifix Pendant
14kt gold inri crucifix pendant
(Item # 8495)
14Kt Gold INRI Crucifix Pendant
14k gold 30mm crucifix pendant
(Item # 8499)
14K Gold 30MM Crucifix Pendant
14k gold fancy crucifix pendant
(Item # 8508)
14K Gold Fancy Crucifix Pendant
14kt gold 30mm crucifix pendant
(Item # 8524)
14Kt Gold 30MM Crucifix Pendant
14k gold crucifix charm
(Item # 8526)
14K Gold Crucifix Charm
14k gold inri crucifix charm
(Item # 8549)
14K Gold INRI Crucifix Charm
14k gold 3-d crucifix pendant
(Item # 8550)
14K Gold 3-D Crucifix Pendant
14k gold 3d crucifix pendant
(Item # 8551)
14K Gold 3D Crucifix Pendant
14kt gold 3d crucifix pendant
(Item # 8552)
14Kt Gold 3D Crucifix Pendant
14k gold halo crucifix pendant
(Item # 8558)
14K Gold Halo Crucifix Pendant
14k gold jesus body cross pendant
(Item # 8571)
14K Gold Jesus Body Cross Pendant

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