14k gold crosses from is captivating with intrinsic beauty that cannot be beat. The cross has become one of the most commonly used ancient symbols throughout history, and is used in one form or another in many religions. It has been a symbolic icon for many influential religions and empires for centuries. One interpretation of the cross is that it is a representation of the division of the world into four elements or cardinal points. It is alternately seen as the union between the concept of the divinity and the world. Whatever it's meaning, a cross has become a very powerful and universally known symbol with geometric excellence and splendor. Our impressive cross charms & pendants are inspired by artistic variations throughout history. Cross charms add style and devotion to your wardrobe with luminous 14k gold, expertly crafted with precision detailing to create a collection of cross jewelry perfect for any occasion. Choose from a large variety of small 14k gold cross charms available in a number of styles and designs. Cross charm pendants are remarkably rendered creating beloved mementos of ones faith. Luminous 14k gold and precision detailing combine to create a collection of 14k gold cross charm pendants and cross jewelry perfect for any occasion. Cross pendants are a reminder of passion, sacrifice and eternal life with inspiring detail and illuminating gold. For a timeless addition to your gold jewelry collection, cross jewelry is perfect. Our 14k gold cross pendants are remarkably crafted out of the finest quality 14k gold and sculpted into a beautiful collection of large cross pendants available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs.

14K Gold Crosses

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14k gold woodgrain cross pendant
(SKU # 7864KZ)
14K Gold Woodgrain Cross Pendant
14k gold passion cross pendant
(SKU # 7865KZ)
14K Gold Passion Cross Pendant
14k gold cross nugget pendant
(SKU # 7991YG)
14K Gold Cross Nugget Pendant
14k gold nugget cross pendant
(SKU # 7992YG)
14K Gold Nugget Cross Pendant
14k gold 26mm 3d cross pendant
(SKU # 8000-KZ)
14K Gold 26MM 3D Cross Pendant
14k gold 32mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8028KZ)
14K Gold 32MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 46mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8030KZ)
14K Gold 46MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 60mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8039KZ)
14K Gold 60MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 54mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8040KZ)
14K Gold 54MM Cross Pendant
14k gold classic nugget cross pendant
(SKU # 8046KZ)
14K Gold Classic Nugget Cross Pendant
14k gold greek key cross pendant
(SKU # 8057KZ)
14K Gold Greek Key Cross Pendant
14k gold 26mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8058KZ)
14K Gold 26MM Cross Pendant
14k gold cross pendant
(SKU # 8059KZ)
14K Gold Cross Pendant
14k gold fancy cross pendant
(SKU # 8066KZ)
14K Gold Fancy Cross Pendant
14k gold north star cross pendant
(SKU # 8069KZ)
14K Gold North Star Cross Pendant
14k gold layered cross pendant
(SKU # 8070KZ)
14K Gold Layered Cross Pendant
14k gold stylish cross pendant
(SKU # 8076KZ)
14K Gold Stylish Cross Pendant
14k gold 36mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8080KZ)
14K Gold 36MM Cross Pendant
14k gold tombstone cross pendant
(SKU # 8086KZ)
14K Gold Tombstone Cross Pendant
14k gold 48mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8095KZ)
14K Gold 48MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 47mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8116KZ)
14K Gold 47MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 55mm cross pendant
(SKU # 8117KZ)
14K Gold 55MM Cross Pendant
14k gold 40mm beveled cross pendant
(SKU # 8190YG)
14K Gold 40MM Beveled Cross Pendant
14k gold 32mm beveled cross pendant
(SKU # 8191KZ)
14K Gold 32MM Beveled Cross Pendant
14k gold beveled cross pendant
(SKU # 8192KZ)
14K Gold Beveled Cross Pendant
14k gold 20mm beveled cross pendant
(SKU # 8193YG)
14K Gold 20MM Beveled Cross Pendant
14k gold inri cross pendant
(SKU # 8194KZ)
14K Gold INRI Cross Pendant

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