Buddha Charms

Enlighten yourself with the spirit of the Buddha with 14k gold Buddha Charms from 14kzone.com. The prevailing symbol of the Buddha exudes power and guidance to those who venerate the ideals of enlightenment, more specifically, Buddhism. In Buddhism, a Buddha refers to any person who has become enlightened, overcoming greed, hate and ignorance. In fact, the translation for Buddha means "awakened" or "that which has become aware." Buddha is commonly used to depict the founder of Buddhism, since in order to achieve this enlightenment; one must achieve this without prior knowledge of Buddhism, however Buddhists teach that anyone can experience nirvana. In Buddhism, the Buddha is a guide or a teacher who directs the way towards peace by overcoming worldly desires.

14K Gold Buddha Charms

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14k gold buddhist pendant
(SKU # 9036KZ)

Online Price: $335.99
14K Gold Buddhist Pendant
14k gold gautama buddha pendant
(SKU # 9037KZ)

Online Price: $603.99
14K Gold Gautama Buddha Pendant
14k gold lady buddha pendant
(SKU # 9038KZ)

Online Price: $498.99
14K Gold Lady Buddha Pendant
14k gold buddha charm
(SKU # )

Online Price: $106.99
14K Gold Buddha Charm
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