Musical Charms

Musical Charms are miniature musical works of art you can wear again and again. Each carefully crafted 14k gold musical notes charm remarkably resembles it's life-sized counterpart. An excellent gift for an aspiring musician, music appreciator or a memento to remember your favorite symphony, music instruments charms are something you will cherish for years to come. Browse through a orchestral array of saxophone instrument charms, trumpet charms, French horn charms, harp instrument charms, piano charms, flute charms, guitar charms, violin charms, drum charms and musical notes charms.

14K Gold Musical Charms

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(SKU # 6157KZ)
14K Gold Saxophone Pendant
14k gold sax pendant
(SKU # 6158KZ)
14K Gold Sax Pendant
14k gold 3d saxophone pendant
(SKU # 6159KZ)
14K Gold 3D Saxophone Pendant
14k gold 3-d saxophone pendant
(SKU # 6160KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Saxophone Pendant
14k gold 3d saxophone charm
(SKU # 6161KZ)
14K Gold 3D Saxophone Charm
14k gold 3-d saxophone charm
(SKU # 6162KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Saxophone Charm
14k gold 3d trumpet pendant
(SKU # 6164KZ)
14K Gold 3D Trumpet Pendant
14k gold 3-d trumpet pendant
(SKU # 6165YG)
14K Gold 3-D Trumpet Pendant
14k gold 28mm trumpet pendant
(SKU # 6166KZ)
14K Gold 28MM Trumpet Pendant
14k gold 20mm 3d trumpet charm
(SKU # 6167KZ)
14K Gold 20MM 3D Trumpet Charm
14k gold 3-d trumpet charm
(SKU # 6168KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Trumpet Charm
14k gold 3d trumpet charm
(SKU # 6169KZ)
14K Gold 3D Trumpet Charm
14k gold trombone pendant
(SKU # 6170KZ)
14K Gold Trombone Pendant
14k gold 3d brass trumpet charm
(SKU # 6173KZ)
14K Gold 3D Brass Trumpet Charm
14k gold brass trumpet pendant
(SKU # 6174KZ)
14K Gold Brass Trumpet Pendant
14k gold trumpet pendant
(SKU # 6175-KZ)
14K Gold Trumpet Pendant
14k gold double french horn pendant
(SKU # 6176KZ)
14K Gold Double French Horn Pendant
14k gold 3d french horn charm
(SKU # 6177KZ)
14K Gold 3D French Horn Charm
14k gold 3d horn trumpet charm
(SKU # 6178KZ)
14K Gold 3D Horn Trumpet Charm
14k gold 3-d horn trumpet charm
(SKU # 6179KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Horn Trumpet Charm
14k gold french horn trumpet charm
(SKU # 6180YG)
14K Gold French Horn Trumpet Charm
14k gold harp pendant
(SKU # 6183YG)
14K Gold Harp Pendant
14k gold harp charm
(SKU # 6184YG)
14K Gold Harp Charm
14k gold lyre charm
(SKU # 6187KZ)
14K Gold Lyre Charm
14k gold lyre harp charm
(SKU # 6188YG)
14K Gold Lyre Harp Charm
14k gold 21mm piano pendant
(SKU # 6192KZ)
14K Gold 21MM Piano Pendant
14k gold piano pendant
(SKU # 6193KZ)
14K Gold Piano Pendant
14k gold piano charm
(SKU # 6194YG)
14K Gold Piano Charm
14k gold 18mm piano charm
(SKU # 6195KZ)
14K Gold 18MM Piano Charm
14k gold floral treble clef charm
(SKU # 6197KZ)
14K Gold Floral Treble Clef Charm
14k gold treble clef in heart charm
(SKU # 6198KZ)
14K Gold Treble Clef In Heart Charm
14k gold soprano saxophone pendant
(SKU # 6201KZ)
14K Gold Soprano Saxophone Pendant
14k gold flute pendant
(SKU # 6202-YG)
14K Gold Flute Pendant
14k gold 3d flute charm
(SKU # 6203KZ)
14K Gold 3D Flute Charm
14k gold 3-d flute charm
(SKU # 6205KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Flute Charm
14k gold 62mm guitar pendant
(SKU # 6207-YG)
14K Gold 62MM Guitar Pendant
14k gold 36mm guitar pendant
(SKU # 6208YG)
14K Gold 36MM Guitar Pendant
14k gold guitar pendant
(SKU # 6213KZ)
14K Gold Guitar Pendant
14k gold 23mm guitar pendant
(SKU # 6214KZ)
14K Gold 23MM Guitar Pendant
14k gold banjo pendant
(SKU # 6219YG)
14K Gold Banjo Pendant
14k gold cello pendant
(SKU # 6222YG)
14K Gold Cello Pendant
14k gold cello charm
(SKU # 6223YG)
14K Gold Cello Charm
14k gold violin pendant
(SKU # 6226KZ)
14K Gold Violin Pendant
14k gold violin charm
(SKU # 6227KZ)
14K Gold Violin Charm
14k gold violin instrument charm
(SKU # 6228KZ)
14K Gold Violin Instrument Charm
14k gold violin instrument pendant
(SKU # 6231KZ)
14K Gold Violin Instrument Pendant
14k gold drum kit pendant
(SKU # 6233-KZ)
14K Gold Drum Kit Pendant
14k gold drums pendant
(SKU # 6234KZ)
14K Gold Drums Pendant
14k gold bagpipe pendant
(SKU # 6237KZ)
14K Gold Bagpipe Pendant
14k gold bagpiper charm
(SKU # 6238YG)
14K Gold Bagpiper Charm
14k gold gong drum charm
(SKU # 6239-KZ)
14K Gold Gong Drum Charm
14k gold conga drum charm
(SKU # 6240YG)
14K Gold Conga Drum Charm
14k gold 3d drumsticks charm
(SKU # 6243KZ)
14K Gold 3D Drumsticks Charm
14k gold 3-d drumsticks pendant
(SKU # 6244KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Drumsticks Pendant
14k gold 3d phonograph charm
(SKU # 6245KZ)
14K Gold 3D Phonograph Charm
14k gold lp record pendant
(SKU # 6246KZ)
14K Gold LP Record Pendant
14k gold phonograph record pendant
(SKU # 6247KZ)
14K Gold Phonograph Record Pendant
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