Shackle Bracelets

14K Gold Shackle Bracelets for men offer distinctive character and style he will surely appreciate. These awe-inspiring shackle bracelets are the perfect touch of masculinity to any successful man, featuring shackle hinges on each segment of polished 14k gold modeled after those found on seafaring ships. Crafted out of visionary 14k gold with precision and expertise, a Gold Shackle Bracelet is a gift that says bold and sophisticated with high quality, durability and comfort. Browse through our magnificent collection of Men's Gold Shackle Bracelets and take advantage of our amazingly low prices and remarkably high quality.

14K Gold Men's Shackle Bracelets

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14k gold 5mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12576)
14K Gold 5MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 6mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12577)
14K Gold 6MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 7mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12578)
14K Gold 7MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 8mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12579)
14K Gold 8MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 9mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12580)
14K Gold 9MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 10mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12581)
14K Gold 10MM Men's Shackle Bracelet
14k gold 12mm mens shackle bracelet
(SKU # 12582)
14K Gold 12MM Men's Shackle Bracelet

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