Unicorn Charms

Gold unicorn charms add the perfect touch to any occasion. Featuring a variety of fanciful unicorns, our 14k gold unicorn jewelry showcases expert craftsmanship and the finest quality 14k gold. Whatever the occasion, gold unicorn charms and pendants make a stylish addition, or much appreciated special gift.

14K Gold Unicorn Charms

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14k gold unicorn pendant
(Item # 1853)
14K Gold Unicorn Pendant
14 kt gold unicorn pendant
(Item # 1854)
14 Kt Gold Unicorn Pendant
14k gold trotting unicorn pendant
(Item # 1855)
14K Gold Trotting Unicorn Pendant
14k gold 3d unicorn pendant
(Item # 1857)
14K Gold 3D Unicorn Pendant
14kt gold 3d unicorn pendant
(Item # 1858)
14Kt Gold 3D Unicorn Pendant
14 karat gold 3d unicorn pendant
(Item # 1859)
14 Karat Gold 3D Unicorn Pendant
14k gold 26mm unicorn pendant
(Item # 1862)
14K Gold 26MM Unicorn Pendant
14k gold unicorn with wings charm
(Item # 1874YG)
14K Gold Unicorn with Wings Charm
14k gold cut-out unicorn pendant
(Item # 1883)
14K Gold Cut-Out Unicorn Pendant
14k gold unicorn charm medallion
(Item # 1886)
14K Gold Unicorn Charm Medallion
14k gold unicorn head pendant
(Item # 1888)
14K Gold Unicorn Head Pendant
14kt gold unicorn head charm
(Item # 1889)
14Kt Gold Unicorn Head Charm
14kt gold unicorn head pendant
(Item # 1890)
14Kt Gold Unicorn Head Pendant
14kt gold charging unicorn charm
(Item # 1898)
14Kt Gold Charging Unicorn Charm
14kt gold unicorn charm
(Item # 1903)
14Kt Gold Unicorn Charm
14 karat gold unicorn pendant
(Item # 1904)
14 Karat Gold Unicorn Pendant
14kt gold 3-d unicorn charm
(Item # 2268)
14Kt Gold 3-D Unicorn Charm

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