Tools Charms

14K Gold Tools Charms are just what you need to get the job done. Our jewelers have taken the time to precision craft a collection of fix-it tools gold charms you'll want to wear again and again. Gold tool charms make excellent gifts for the handyman or handywoman in your life whatever the job may be. Shop a large assortment of Mining Tool Charms, Household Tool Charms, Maintenance Tool Charms, Construction Tool Charms and more including Hammer Charms, Pliers Charms, Wrench Charms, Axe Charms and Electric Tool Charms among others. You'll feel prepared for any job with your very own Tools Charm Bracelet or Tools Charm Necklace.

14K Gold Tools Charms

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14kt gold 3d axe charm pendant
(Item # 6624YG)
14Kt Gold 3D Axe Charm Pendant
14kt gold 3-d ax pendant
(Item # 6625)
14Kt Gold 3-D Ax Pendant
14k gold 3d axe charm pendant
(Item # 6626-KZ)
14K Gold 3D Axe Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d pickaxe ax pendant
(Item # 6630)
14K Gold 3D Pickaxe Ax Pendant
14k gold saw pendant
(Item # 6637)
14K Gold Saw Pendant
14k gold 3d hammer pendant
(Item # 6638)
14K Gold 3D Hammer Pendant
14k gold 3-d hammer pendant
(Item # 6639)
14K Gold 3-D Hammer Pendant
14k gold wrench pendant
(Item # 6646)
14K Gold Wrench Pendant
14k gold 3d pliers pendant
(Item # 6648)
14K Gold 3D Pliers Pendant
14kt gold paint brush charm
(Item # 6653)
14Kt Gold Paint Brush Charm
14k gold paint brush charm
(Item # 6654)
14K Gold Paint Brush Charm
14k gold tape measure charm
(Item # 6655)
14K Gold Tape Measure Charm
14k gold 3d screwdriver pendant
(Item # 6656)
14K Gold 3D Screwdriver Pendant
14k gold chainsaw charm pendant
(Item # 6657YG)
14K Gold Chainsaw Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d electric drill charm
(Item # 6658YG)
14K Gold 3D Electric Drill Charm
14k gold 3d spark plug charm
(Item # 6659)
14K Gold 3D Spark Plug Charm
14kt gold 3-d spark plug pendant
(Item # 6660)
14Kt Gold 3-D Spark Plug Pendant

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