Sports Charms

14K Gold Sport Charms make excellent gifts for sports and leisure fans of all ages and disciplines. We've recruited a vast variety of sports and leisure assorted gold charms including popular pastimes such as darts, cheerleading, hunting, lacrosse and more. Commemorate that championship or win with an impressive assortment of championship cup sports jewelry charms. Each hand crafted out of invigorating 14k yellow gold and designed with lifelike accuracy, each assorted sports charm makes a charming and treasured addition to you personalized charm bracelet or gold chain. Now you can keep your favorite sports or leisure activity going long after the buzzer or whistle with a selection from our assorted sports charms and feel like a winner every time you wear it.

14K Gold Sports Charms

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14k gold 3d lacrosse pendant
(SKU # 3338YG)
14K Gold 3D Lacrosse Pendant
14k gold javelin pendant
(SKU # 3339YG)
14K Gold Javelin Pendant
14k gold 3d skateboarder charm
(SKU # 3340YG)
14K Gold 3D Skateboarder Charm
14k gold 3-d skateboard charm
(SKU # 3341YG)
14K Gold 3-D Skateboard Charm
14k gold 3d skateboard charm
(SKU # 3342YG)
14K Gold 3D Skateboard Charm
14k gold karate stance pendant
(SKU # 3451KZ)
14K Gold Karate Stance Pendant
14k gold karate figure pendant
(SKU # 3452KZ)
14K Gold Karate Figure Pendant
14k gold martial art pendant
(SKU # 3453KZ)
14K Gold Martial Art Pendant
14k gold karate martial art charm
(SKU # 3454KZ)
14K Gold Karate Martial Art Charm
14k gold karate kid pendant
(SKU # 3456KZ)
14K Gold Karate Kid Pendant
14k gold karate man pendant
(SKU # 3457KZ)
14K Gold Karate Man Pendant
14k gold 3-d megaphone charm
(SKU # 3497KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Megaphone Charm
14k gold 3d megaphone charm
(SKU # 3498KZ)
14K Gold 3D Megaphone Charm
14k gold cheerleader pendant
(SKU # 3505YG)
14K Gold Cheerleader Pendant
14k gold cheerleader girl pendant
(SKU # 3507KZ)
14K Gold Cheerleader Girl Pendant
14k gold 3d pool table charm
(SKU # 3511YG)
14K Gold 3D Pool Table Charm
14k gold set of dart pendant
(SKU # 3512KZ)
14K Gold Set of Dart Pendant
14k gold dart board charm
(SKU # 3513KZ)
14K Gold Dart Board Charm
14k gold 3d dart charm
(SKU # 3514YG)
14K Gold 3D Dart Charm
14k gold ninja charm
(SKU # 3517YG)
14K Gold Ninja Charm
14k gold wrestling pendant
(SKU # 3518KZ)
14K Gold Wrestling Pendant
14k gold wrestlers pendant
(SKU # 3519KZ)
14K Gold Wrestlers Pendant
14k gold silhouette gymnast pendant
(SKU # 3540KZ)
14K Gold Silhouette Gymnast Pendant
14k gold female gymnast pendant
(SKU # 3543YG)
14K Gold Female Gymnast Pendant
14k gold 3d surfer pendant
(SKU # 3607KZ)
14K Gold 3D Surfer Pendant
14k gold 3d surfing pendant
(SKU # 3608KZ)
14K Gold 3D Surfing Pendant
14k gold female surfer pendant
(SKU # 3609YG)
14K Gold Female Surfer Pendant
14k gold beach surfer pendant
(SKU # 3610KZ)
14K Gold Beach Surfer Pendant
14k gold 3d surfboard pendant
(SKU # 3611YG)
14K Gold 3D Surfboard Pendant
14k gold 3d wind surfing pendant
(SKU # 3614KZ)
14K Gold 3D Wind Surfing Pendant
14k gold 3d rowing pendant
(SKU # 3615YG)
14K Gold 3D Rowing Pendant
14k gold diver pendant
(SKU # 3616KZ)
14K Gold Diver Pendant
14k gold female diver charm
(SKU # 3617KZ)
14K Gold Female Diver Charm
14k gold 3d water ski pendant
(SKU # 3618YG)
14K Gold 3D Water Ski Pendant
14k gold 3d diver pendant
(SKU # 3619KZ)
14K Gold 3D Diver Pendant
14k gold female swimmer pendant
(SKU # 3620KZ)
14K Gold Female Swimmer Pendant
14k gold 3d swimmer charm
(SKU # 3621YG)
14K Gold 3D Swimmer Charm
14k gold air balloon pendant
(SKU # 3665KZ)
14K Gold Air Balloon Pendant
14k gold hot air balloon pendant
(SKU # 3666KZ)
14K Gold Hot Air Balloon Pendant
14k gold 3d air balloon charm
(SKU # 3667YG)
14K Gold 3D Air Balloon Charm
14k gold hot air balloon charm
(SKU # 3672KZ)
14K Gold Hot Air Balloon Charm
14k gold hot air ballooning pendant
(SKU # 3673KZ)
14K Gold Hot Air Ballooning Pendant
14k gold air ballooning pendant
(SKU # 3674KZ)
14K Gold Air Ballooning Pendant
14k gold parachute charm
(SKU # 3675YG)
14K Gold Parachute Charm
14k gold parachute pendant
(SKU # 3676KZ)
14K Gold Parachute Pendant
14k gold parachuting pendant
(SKU # 3681KZ)
14K Gold Parachuting Pendant
14k gold hang gliding pendant
(SKU # 3683KZ)
14K Gold Hang Gliding Pendant
14k gold kite charm
(SKU # 3684YG)
14K Gold Kite Charm
14k gold 3d matador vest pendant
(SKU # 3685KZ)
14K Gold 3D Matador Vest Pendant
14k gold 3d matador pendant
(SKU # 3686KZ)
14K Gold 3D Matador Pendant
14k gold 3d champion trophy pendant
(SKU # 3687YG)
14K Gold 3D Champion Trophy Pendant
14k gold 3d chess charm
(SKU # 3688KZ)
14K Gold 3D Chess Charm
14k gold tic-tac-toe charm
(SKU # 3689KZ)
14K Gold Tic-Tac-Toe Charm
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