Snake Charms

Snake charms are fascinating. Discover a collection of meticulously crafted 14k gold snake jewelry showcasing exquisite lifelike detailing and the highest quality 14k gold. For the reptile lover in your life, snake charms make an exceptional gift.

14K Gold Snake Charms

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14k gold cobra pendant
(Item # 2405)
14K Gold Cobra Pendant
14k gold coral snake pendant
(Item # 2408)
14K Gold Coral Snake Pendant
14k gold snake head pendant
(Item # 2409)
14K Gold Snake Head Pendant
14k gold coiled snake pendant
(Item # 2410)
14K Gold Coiled Snake Pendant
14k gold hissing snake pendant
(Item # 2411)
14K Gold Hissing Snake Pendant
14k gold snake charm
(Item # 2413)
14K Gold Snake Charm
14k gold snake pendant
(Item # 2414)
14K Gold Snake Pendant
14kt gold snake pendant
(Item # 2415)
14Kt Gold Snake Pendant
14kt gold serpent dragon pendant
(Item # 2416)
14Kt Gold Serpent Dragon Pendant
14kt gold cobra pendant
(Item # 2417)
14Kt Gold Cobra Pendant
14kt gold hissing cobra pendant
(Item # 2418)
14Kt Gold Hissing Cobra Pendant

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