Seashell Charms

Explore the wonder of the sea shore with our enticing collection of seashell jewelry. Each seashell charm is meticulously crafted with explicit attention to every finite detail, bringing you lifelike replications, cast in luminous 14k gold. We proudly offer a vast and diverse assortment of 14k gold seashell charms including many varieties of conch shell charms, sand dollar charms, scallop shell charms and many more assorted seashell charms and pendants! Gold seashell charms are an excellent choice for any occasion.

14K Gold Seashell Charms

conch shell charm
14K Gold Conch Shell Charms
sand dollar charm
14K Gold Sand Dollar Charms
scallop shell charm
14K Gold Scallop Shell Charms
seashell charm
14K Gold Seashell Charms
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