Nautical Charms

Nautical jewelry will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and bring you to a place where the sand seeps between your toes and the cool breeze brushes against your sun kissed body. Each piece of nautical jewelry is a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand, crafted from sun drenched 14k gold to create miniature sculptured masterpieces. We feature a remarkable selection of nautical gold charms and pendants including anchor charms, beach charms, scuba charms, boat charms and many more. Grab your scuba gear and dive in to our selection of nautical gold charms and nautical pendants ingeniously crafted to replicate all the mystery and wonders of the deep blue sea.

14K Gold Nautical Charms

anchor charm
14K Gold Anchor Charms
beach charm
14K Gold Beach Charms
boat charm
14K Gold Boat Charms
cruise ship charm
14K Gold Cruise Ship Charms
flip flop charm
14K Gold Flip Flop Charms
lighthouse charm
14K Gold Lighthouse Charms
nautical charm
14K Gold Nautical Charms
pelican charm
14K Gold Pelican Charms
propeller charm
14K Gold Propeller Charms
sailboat charm
14K Gold Sailboat Charms
scuba charm
14K Gold Scuba Charms
ship wheel charm
14K Gold Ship Wheel Charms
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