Lizard Charms

Lizard charms are charming addition to your favorite gold animal charm bracelet. Marvelously rendered in sunlight 14k gold with remarkable attention to details and design, our 14k gold lizard jewelry is sensational. Browse our many species of lizard charms today to add to your collection.

14K Gold Lizard Charms

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14k gold beaded lizard pendant
(Item # 1648)
14K Gold Beaded Lizard Pendant
14k gold gecko charm
(Item # 1649)
14K Gold Gecko Charm
14k gold lizard slide
(Item # 2419)
14K Gold Lizard Slide
14k gold lizard pendant
(Item # 2420)
14K Gold Lizard Pendant
14 kt gold lizard pendant
(Item # 2421)
14 Kt Gold Lizard Pendant
14kt gold lizard pendant
(Item # 2422)
14Kt Gold Lizard Pendant
14k gold scaly lizard pendant
(Item # 2423)
14K Gold Scaly Lizard Pendant
14k gold long lizard pendant
(Item # 2424)
14K Gold Long Lizard Pendant
14k gold curled lizard pendant
(Item # 2425)
14K Gold Curled Lizard Pendant
14k gold long tail lizard pendant
(Item # 2427)
14K Gold Long Tail Lizard Pendant
14 karat gold lizard pendant
(Item # 2429)
14 Karat Gold Lizard Pendant
14kt gold lizard charm
(Item # 2431)
14Kt Gold Lizard Charm

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