Insect Charms

14K Gold Insect Charms

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14k gold dragonfly charm pendant
(SKU # 3166KZ)
14K Gold Dragonfly Charm Pendant
14k gold honey bee charm pendant
(SKU # 3169KZ)
14K Gold Honey Bee Charm Pendant
14k gold beetle charm pendant
(SKU # 3170KZ)
14K Gold Beetle Charm Pendant
14k gold fly charm pendant
(SKU # 3174KZ)
14K Gold Fly Charm Pendant
14k gold bee charm
(SKU # 3175KZ)
14K Gold Bee Charm
14k gold grasshopper charm pendant
(SKU # 3176KZ)
14K Gold Grasshopper Charm Pendant
14k gold bumble bee charm
(SKU # 3178YG)
14K Gold Bumble Bee Charm
14k gold ladybug on leaf charm
(SKU # 3179KZ)
14K Gold Ladybug On Leaf Charm
14k gold ladybug charm
(SKU # 3180KZ)
14K Gold LadyBug Charm
14k gold ladybug mini charm
(SKU # 3181KZ)
14K Gold Ladybug Mini Charm
14k gold snail charm
(SKU # 3182KZ)
14K Gold Snail Charm
14k gold silhouette snail charm
(SKU # 3183KZ)
14K Gold Silhouette Snail Charm
14k gold snail in shell charm
(SKU # 3184KZ)
14K Gold Snail In Shell Charm

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