Halloween Charms

14K Gold Halloween Charms

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14k gold pirate pendant
(SKU # 5588YG)
14K Gold Pirate Pendant
14k gold skull with wings pendant
(SKU # 5591KZ)
14K Gold Skull with Wings Pendant
14k gold skull pendant
(SKU # 5592YG)
14K Gold Skull Pendant
14k gold skull charm
(SKU # 5593YG)
14K Gold Skull Charm
14k gold human skeleton pendant
(SKU # 5595KZ)
14K Gold Human Skeleton Pendant
14k gold witch on broom pendant
(SKU # 5599KZ)
14K Gold Witch on Broom Pendant
14k gold witch on broomstick charm
(SKU # 5601KZ)
14K Gold Witch On Broomstick Charm
14k gold devil pitchfork pendant
(SKU # 5603KZ)
14K Gold Devil Pitchfork Pendant
14k gold jack-o-lantern pendant
(SKU # 5605KZ)
14K Gold Jack-O-Lantern Pendant
14k gold 17mm jack-o-lantern charm
(SKU # 5606KZ)
14K Gold 17MM Jack-O-Lantern Charm
14k gold jack-o-lantern charm
(SKU # 5607KZ)
14K Gold Jack-O-Lantern Charm
14k gold 3d pumpkin charm
(SKU # 5611YG)
14K Gold 3D Pumpkin Charm

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