Egyptian Charms

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry bring the mystery and marvel of Ancient Egypt to life in 14k gold. Ancient Egyptian culture and society integrated gold jewelry into everyday traditions and culture. Egyptian gold charms became a status of wealth and power as commonly indicated with the elaborate ornamentation of ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses. Cartouche Egyptian Jewelry has set standards for jewelry crafting techniques as well as style that have survived the generations and influences modern day jewelry style and fashion. We have designed a line of magnificent ancient Egyptian Charms designed to accentuate your fashion and add style to your jewelry. Shop Egyptian Charms featuring Ancient icons such as Queen Nefertiti Egyptian Charms, the great Egyptian Pharaohs Charms, the mysterious Great Egyptian Pyramids Charms, Egyptian Mummies Charms, Egyptian Sphinx Charms, and more.

14K Gold Egyptian Charms

ancient egyptian charms
14K Gold Ancient Egyptian Charms
pharaoh charms
14K Gold Pharaoh Charms
pyramid charms
14K Gold Pyramid Charms
queen nefertiti charms
14K Gold Queen Nefertiti Charms
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