Deer Charms

Deer charms feature a variety of styles, designs and styles to fit your needs. Every 14k gold deer charm from our collection of deer jewelry is precision crafted from incandescent 14k gold. Choose from an assortment of deer charms from young fawns to strapping bucks, the perfect addition to your animal collection.

14K Gold Deer Charms

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14k gold male deer head pendant
(Item # 2206)
14K Gold Male Deer Head Pendant
14k gold deer head charm pendant
(Item # 2207YG)
14K Gold Deer Head Charm Pendant
14k gold deer head pendant
(Item # 2208)
14K Gold Deer Head Pendant
14k gold stag head charm
(Item # 2213)
14K Gold Stag Head Charm
14k gold deer face pendant
(Item # 2214)
14K Gold Deer Face Pendant
14k gold 36mm deer pendant
(Item # 2216)
14K Gold 36MM Deer Pendant
14k gold deer pendant
(Item # 2217)
14K Gold Deer Pendant
14k gold buck head pendant
(Item # 2218)
14K Gold Buck Head Pendant
14k gold reindeer pendant
(Item # 2219)
14K Gold Reindeer Pendant
14k gold adolescent deer pendant
(Item # 2220)
14K Gold Adolescent Deer Pendant
14k gold fawn pendant
(Item # 2221)
14K Gold Fawn Pendant
14k gold bambi charm
(Item # 2224YG)
14K Gold Bambi Charm
14k gold deer stag head pendant
(Item # 2230)
14K Gold Deer Stag Head Pendant
14k gold elk pendant
(Item # 2239)
14K Gold Elk Pendant
14k gold moose head pendant
(Item # 2240)
14K Gold Moose Head Pendant
14kt gold moose head pendant
(Item # 2241)
14Kt Gold Moose Head Pendant
14k gold moose pendant
(Item # 2242)
14K Gold Moose Pendant
14k gold 3d moose charm pendant
(Item # 2243-KZ)
14K Gold 3D Moose Charm Pendant
14kt gold 3d moose pendant
(Item # 2244)
14Kt Gold 3D Moose Pendant
14kt gold moose pendant
(Item # 2245)
14Kt Gold Moose Pendant
14kt gold 3d moose charm
(Item # 2246)
14Kt Gold 3D Moose Charm
14k gold encircled deer pendant
(Item # 2255)
14K Gold Encircled Deer Pendant
14k gold framed deer pendant
(Item # 2257)
14K Gold Framed Deer Pendant
14k gold bambi pendant
(Item # 2259)
14K Gold Bambi Pendant
14k gold bambi deer pendant
(Item # 2260)
14K Gold Bambi Deer Pendant

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