Bird Charms

Our bird charms offer high flying style when it comes to animal charms. Every piece from our bird jewelry collection is marvelously rendered in genuine 14k gold with acute attention to lifelike detailing. Choose from a variety of species of bird charms.

14K Gold Bird Charms

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14k gold heron bird charm pendant
(Item # 2254-KZ)
14K Gold Heron Bird Charm Pendant
14k gold toucan pendant
(Item # 2895YG)
14K Gold Toucan Pendant
14k gold woodpecker head pendant
(Item # 2897YG)
14K Gold Woodpecker Head Pendant
14k gold lovebirds charm
(Item # 2901YG)
14K Gold Lovebirds Charm
14k gold sea gull pendant
(Item # 2908YG)
14K Gold Sea Gull Pendant
14 karat gold sea gull pendant
(Item # 2909YG)
14 Karat Gold Sea Gull Pendant
14kt gold sea gull pendant
(Item # 2912YG)
14Kt Gold Sea Gull Pendant
14k gold wild turkey pendant
(Item # 2957YG)
14K Gold Wild Turkey Pendant
14k gold turkey pendant
(Item # 2958YG)
14K Gold Turkey Pendant
14k gold rooster pendant
(Item # 2960YG)
14K Gold Rooster Pendant
14k gold big comb rooster pendant
(Item # 2965YG)
14K Gold Big Comb Rooster Pendant
14k gold pecking rooster pendant
(Item # 2966YG)
14K Gold Pecking Rooster Pendant
14k gold cock pendant
(Item # 2968YG)
14K Gold Cock Pendant
14k gold crowned rooster pendant
(Item # 2972YG)
14K Gold Crowned Rooster Pendant
14K Gold Hen Charm
(Item # 2975YG)
14K Gold Hen Charm
14k gold flamingo pendant
(Item # 3013YG)
14K Gold Flamingo Pendant
14k gold two flamingos charm
(Item # 3015YG)
14K Gold Two Flamingos Charm
14kt gold flamingo pendant
(Item # 3018YG)
14Kt Gold Flamingo Pendant
14k gold stork charm
(Item # 3019YG)
14K Gold Stork Charm
14k gold roadrunner pendant
(Item # 3043YG)
14K Gold Roadrunner Pendant
14k gold ostrich pendant
(Item # 3047YG)
14K Gold Ostrich Pendant

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