Automobile Charms

14K Gold Automobile Charms will look fantastic wherever you go adding captivating style and intrigue to your wardrobe. We feature a superior selection of 14k gold automobile jewelry in stunning designs and styles including Classic Roadster Automobile Charms, Ford Model-T Car Charms, Convertible Car Charms, Truck Charms, Carriage Automobile Charms, Thunderbird Automobile Charms, Coupes and more for your collection. Each car charm is meticulously crafted to capture every detail of the life size vehicle showcased in timeless 14-karat gold. Shop a classic collection of assorted 14k gold car charms and start building the perfect automobile charm bracelet with all of your favorites.

14K Gold Automobile Charms

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14k gold bulldozer pendant
(Item # 4297)
14K Gold Bulldozer Pendant
14k gold bulldozer charm
(Item # 4298KZ)
14K Gold Bulldozer Charm
14k gold loader charm pendant
(Item # 4300-KZ)
14K Gold Loader Charm Pendant
14k gold excavator charm pendant
(Item # 4303KZ)
14K Gold Excavator Charm Pendant
14k gold crawler crane charm pendant
(Item # 4304KZ)
14K Gold Crawler Crane Charm Pendant
14k gold road roller pendant
(Item # 4305)
14K Gold Road Roller Pendant
14k gold tractor pendant
(Item # 4308)
14K Gold Tractor Pendant
14k gold crane hook pendant
(Item # 4309)
14K Gold Crane Hook Pendant
14k gold concrete mixer truck charm
(Item # 4313KZ)
14K Gold Concrete Mixer Truck Charm
14k gold tractor charm
(Item # 4314)
14K Gold Tractor Charm
14kt gold dump truck charm pendant
(Item # 4315KZ)
14Kt Gold Dump Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold cut out tow truck charm
(Item # 4318KZ)
14K Gold Cut Out Tow Truck Charm
14k gold tow truck pendant
(Item # 4319)
14K Gold Tow Truck Pendant
14k gold tow truck charm
(Item # 4320)
14K Gold Tow Truck Charm
14k gold 3d convertible car charm
(Item # 4324)
14K Gold 3D Convertible Car Charm
14k gold 4wd jeep charm
(Item # 4326KZ)
14K Gold 4WD Jeep Charm
14k gold carriage pendant
(Item # 4327)
14K Gold Carriage Pendant
14k gold carriage coach pendant
(Item # 4328)
14K Gold Carriage Coach Pendant
14k gold stagecoach charm
(Item # 4332)
14K Gold Stagecoach Charm
14k gold 3d royal coach charm
(Item # 4333)
14K Gold 3D Royal Coach Charm
14k gold convertible roadster charm
(Item # 4336KZ)
14K Gold Convertible Roadster Charm
14k gold 3d speedster pendant
(Item # 4343)
14K Gold 3D Speedster Pendant
14k gold truck charm pendant
(Item # 4351KZ)
14K Gold Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold cut out bus pendant
(Item # 4352)
14K Gold Cut Out Bus Pendant
14k gold bus pendant
(Item # 4353)
14K Gold Bus Pendant
14k gold school bus charm
(Item # 4354)
14K Gold School Bus Charm
14k gold caravan rv pendant
(Item # 4358)
14K Gold Caravan RV Pendant
14kt gold big rig truck charm pendant
(Item # 4361-KZ)
14Kt Gold Big Rig Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold big rig truck charm pendant
(Item # 4362KZ)
14K Gold Big Rig Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold semi truck charm pendant
(Item # 4365KZ)
14K Gold Semi Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold tank truck pendant
(Item # 4369)
14K Gold Tank Truck Pendant
14k gold trash dump truck pendant
(Item # 4370)
14K Gold Trash Dump Truck Pendant
14k gold dump truck charm pendant
(Item # 4371KZ)
14K Gold Dump Truck Charm Pendant
14k gold off road car pendant
(Item # 4398)
14K Gold Off Road Car Pendant
14k gold motorhome charm pendant
(Item # 4401KZ)
14K Gold Motorhome Charm Pendant
14k gold limousine charm
(Item # 4402)
14K Gold Limousine Charm
14kt gold motorcycle pendant
(Item # 4406)
14Kt Gold Motorcycle Pendant
14k gold motorcycle pendant
(Item # 4407)
14K Gold Motorcycle Pendant
14k gold 3d motorcycle charm
(Item # 4408)
14K Gold 3D Motorcycle Charm
14k gold chopper charm
(Item # 4409)
14K Gold Chopper Charm
14k gold chopper pendant
(Item # 4410)
14K Gold Chopper Pendant

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