Garden Charms

Gold Garden Charms are a stylish way to express your passion for gardening and plants. Each 14K Gold Garden Charm is exceptionally crafted with such precision and expertise, creating miniature replicas of their true-life models. You'll find a blossoming selection of Gold Flower Garden Charms, Gold Fruit Garden Charms and Gold Vegetable Garden Charms. Gold Gardening Charms are just what any one with a green thumb needs to get their Garden Jewelry collection started. Leaves Charms, Tree Charms and Palm Tree Charms are a refreshing touch to any themed garden charm bracelet or necklace. Browse through our selection of invigorating Garden Gold Charms as a special treat for that special gardener or to accentuate the inner gardener in you!

14K Gold Garden Charms

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14k gold 3d pineapple charm
(Item # 6839KZ)
14K Gold 3D Pineapple Charm
14k gold 3d mango charm
(Item # 6852)
14K Gold 3D Mango Charm
14k gold 3d pomegranate charm
(Item # 6853)
14K Gold 3D Pomegranate Charm
14k gold 3d apple charm
(Item # 6854)
14K Gold 3D Apple Charm
14k gold apple charm
(Item # 6855)
14K Gold Apple Charm
14kt gold apple charm
(Item # 6857)
14Kt Gold Apple Charm
14k gold 3d strawberry charm
(Item # 6862)
14K Gold 3D Strawberry Charm
14k gold strawberry charm
(Item # 6865)
14K Gold Strawberry Charm
14k gold 3d cherries charm
(Item # 6870)
14K Gold 3D Cherries Charm
14k gold 3d kiwi charm
(Item # 6873)
14K Gold 3D Kiwi Charm
14k gold 3d passion fruit charm
(Item # 6874)
14K Gold 3D Passion Fruit Charm
14k gold 3d peach charm
(Item # 6875)
14K Gold 3D Peach Charm
14k gold 3d grapes charm
(Item # 6876)
14K Gold 3D Grapes Charm
14k gold grapes charm
(Item # 6877)
14K Gold Grapes Charm
14k gold bunch-of-grapes charm
(Item # 6879)
14K Gold Bunch-of-Grapes Charm
14k gold 3d banana charm
(Item # 6897)
14K Gold 3D Banana Charm
14k gold 3d corn charm
(Item # 6899)
14K Gold 3D Corn Charm
14k gold onion charm pendant
(Item # 6902KZ)
14K Gold Onion Charm Pendant
14k gold carrot pendant
(Item # 6903)
14K Gold Carrot Pendant
14k gold 3d carrots charm
(Item # 6904)
14K Gold 3D Carrots Charm
14k gold 3d orange charm
(Item # 6905)
14K Gold 3D Orange Charm
14k gold jalapeno charm
(Item # 6907)
14K Gold Jalapeno Charm
14k gold jalapeno pepper charm
(Item # 6908YG)
14K Gold Jalapeno Pepper Charm
14k gold 3d pear charm
(Item # 6909)
14K Gold 3D Pear Charm
14k gold pear charm
(Item # 6910)
14K Gold Pear Charm
14k gold watermelon slice pendant
(Item # 6914)
14K Gold Watermelon Slice Pendant
14k gold 3d mushroom charm
(Item # 6915)
14K Gold 3D Mushroom Charm
14k gold filigree mushroom charm
(Item # 6916)
14K Gold Filigree Mushroom Charm
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