Garden Charms

Gold Garden Charms are a stylish way to express your passion for gardening and plants. Each 14K Gold Garden Charm is exceptionally crafted with such precision and expertise, creating miniature replicas of their true-life models. You'll find a blossoming selection of Gold Flower Garden Charms, Gold Fruit Garden Charms and Gold Vegetable Garden Charms. Gold Gardening Charms are just what any one with a green thumb needs to get their Garden Jewelry collection started. Leaves Charms, Tree Charms and Palm Tree Charms are a refreshing touch to any themed garden charm bracelet or necklace. Browse through our selection of invigorating Garden Gold Charms as a special treat for that special gardener or to accentuate the inner gardener in you!

14K Gold Garden Charms

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14k gold 3d gardener sun hat charm
(Item # 6664YG)
14K Gold 3D Gardener Sun Hat Charm
14k gold 3d wheelbarrow pendant
(Item # 6665)
14K Gold 3D Wheelbarrow Pendant
14k gold 3d watering can charm
(Item # 6668)
14K Gold 3D Watering Can Charm
14k gold faucet plumber charm
(Item # 6672)
14K Gold Faucet Plumber Charm
14k gold 3d trowel pendant
(Item # 6673)
14K Gold 3D Trowel Pendant
14k gold 3d pruning shears charm
(Item # 6676)
14K Gold 3D Pruning Shears Charm
14k gold 3d garden hand fork charm
(Item # 6679-KZ)
14K Gold 3D Garden Hand Fork Charm
14k gold 3d garden rake charm
(Item # 6680)
14K Gold 3D Garden Rake Charm
14k gold garden glove charm
(Item # 6684)
14K Gold Garden Glove Charm
14k gold daffodil flower pendant
(Item # 6692)
14K Gold Daffodil Flower Pendant
14k gold blossoming flower charm
(Item # 6696)
14K Gold Blossoming Flower Charm
14k gold flowers pendant
(Item # 6698)
14K Gold Flowers Pendant
14k gold rose bouquet pendant
(Item # 6712)
14K Gold Rose Bouquet Pendant
14k gold long stem rose pendant
(Item # 6713)
14K Gold Long Stem Rose Pendant
14k gold rose pendant
(Item # 6718)
14K Gold Rose Pendant
14kt gold rose charm
(Item # 6719-YG)
14Kt Gold Rose Charm
14k gold budding flower pendant
(Item # 6724)
14K Gold Budding Flower Pendant
14k gold rose flower charm
(Item # 6726)
14K Gold Rose Flower Charm
14k gold rose petals charm
(Item # 6740YG)
14K Gold Rose Petals Charm
14k gold hibiscus charm
(Item # 6745-YG)
14K Gold Hibiscus Charm
14k gold tulip charm
(Item # 6753YG)
14K Gold Tulip Charm
14k gold lily charm
(Item # 6754)
14K Gold Lily Charm
14k gold rose bud flower charm
(Item # 6758-KZ)
14K Gold Rose Bud Flower Charm
14k gold sunlit flower charm
(Item # 6763)
14K Gold Sunlit Flower Charm
14kt gold sunlit flower charm
(Item # 6764)
14Kt Gold Sunlit Flower Charm
14k gold sunflower charm
(Item # 6767)
14K Gold Sunflower Charm
14kt gold sunflower charm
(Item # 6768)
14Kt Gold Sunflower Charm
14kt gold maple leaf charm
(Item # 6774)
14Kt Gold Maple Leaf Charm
14k gold maple leaf charm
(Item # 6775)
14K Gold Maple Leaf Charm
14k gold autumn leaf charm
(Item # 6777)
14K Gold Autumn Leaf Charm
14k gold fall leaf charm
(Item # 6781)
14K Gold Fall Leaf Charm
14k gold leaf pendant
(Item # 6782)
14K Gold Leaf Pendant
14kt gold leaf charm
(Item # 6783)
14Kt Gold Leaf Charm
14k gold 3d pine cone charm
(Item # 6787)
14K Gold 3D Pine Cone Charm
14k gold 3-d pine cone charm
(Item # 6788)
14K Gold 3-D Pine Cone Charm
14kt gold 3-d pine cone charm
(Item # 6789)
14Kt Gold 3-D Pine Cone Charm
14k gold acorn charm
(Item # 6791)
14K Gold Acorn Charm
14k gold 3d acorn charm
(Item # 6792)
14K Gold 3D Acorn Charm
14k gold palm tree charm
(Item # 6802)
14K Gold Palm Tree Charm
14kt gold palm tree charm
(Item # 6804)
14Kt Gold Palm Tree Charm
14k gold tropical palm tree charm
(Item # 6805)
14K Gold Tropical Palm Tree Charm
14k gold oak tree charm pendant
(Item # 6821-KZ)
14K Gold Oak Tree Charm Pendant
14k gold elm bonsai tree charm
(Item # 6833)
14K Gold Elm Bonsai Tree Charm
14kt gold elm bonsai tree pendant
(Item # 6834)
14Kt Gold Elm Bonsai Tree Pendant
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