Firefighter Charms

14k Gold Firefighting Jewelry feature a smokin' HOT selection of quality and distinctive firefighting charms. Inspired by the bravery and dedication of firefighters, our innovative designers have assembled a sizzling selection of gold firefighting charms that make excellent gifts for the firefighter in your life. Browse through stunning firefighting crest charms, firefighter badge charms, Fireman charms and firefighting equipment charms that are sure to add warmth and style to any occasion. Commemorate the bravery, dedication and honor of firefighters with 14k gold firefighting jewelry at honorably low prices.

14K Gold Firefighter Charms

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14k gold fd shield medallion
(SKU # 4595KZ)
14K Gold FD Shield Medallion
14k gold fd shield pendant
(SKU # 4598KZ)
14K Gold FD Shield Pendant
14k gold fd shield charm
(SKU # 4600KZ)
14K Gold FD Shield Charm
14k gold fd saint florian pendant
(SKU # 4602KZ)
14K Gold FD Saint Florian Pendant
14k gold fireman lafd badge pendant
(SKU # 4612KZ)
14K Gold Fireman LAFD Badge Pendant
14k gold fireman ladder charm
(SKU # 4615KZ)
14K Gold Fireman Ladder Charm
14k gold firefighter dog charm
(SKU # 4616KZ)
14K Gold Firefighter Dog Charm
14k gold fireman helmet charm
(SKU # 4620KZ)
14K Gold Fireman Helmet Charm
14k gold 18mm firefighter hat charm
(SKU # 4621KZ)
14K Gold 18MM Firefighter Hat Charm
14k gold firefighter hat charm
(SKU # 4624KZ)
14K Gold Firefighter Hat Charm
14k gold fire hydrant charm
(SKU # 4625KZ)
14K Gold Fire Hydrant Charm
14k gold firefighter emblem pendant
(SKU # 4626KZ)
14K Gold Firefighter Emblem Pendant
14k gold firefighter charm
(SKU # 4627KZ)
14K Gold Firefighter Charm
14k gold fd fire truck charm
(SKU # 4628KZ)
14K Gold FD Fire Truck Charm
14k gold fire truck pendant
(SKU # 4631KZ)
14K Gold Fire Truck Pendant

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