Queen Nefertiti Charms

Gold Queen Nefertiti Charms are simply beautiful and rich in symbolism, power and culture. Queen Nefertiti was the great royal wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV and Tutankhamun's mother-in-law. Her name translates into "the beautiful, or perfect woman has come." Nefertiti has become an icon of popular culture. She was made famous by her sculpture, which exemplifies the understanding that Ancient Egyptians had in regards to facial proportions. Her incomplete tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings and the location of her body has been the subject of speculation among historians and scholars. Now you can possess the mystery and intrigue of this Ancient Egyptian beauty with Queen Nefertiti Charms.

14K Gold Queen Nefertiti Charms

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14k gold nefertiti pendant
(Item # 4762)
14K Gold Nefertiti Pendant
14k gold queen nefertiti pendant
(Item # 4765)
14K Gold Queen Nefertiti Pendant
14k gold nefertiti head charm
(Item # 4770)
14K Gold Nefertiti Head Charm
14k gold queen nefertiti charm
(Item # 4771)
14K Gold Queen Nefertiti Charm
14k gold nefertiti charm
(Item # 4772)
14K Gold Nefertiti Charm
14k gold goddess medallion
(Item # 4774)
14K Gold Goddess Medallion

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