Pyramid Charms

Gold Pyramid Charms are the perfect addition to any Ancient Egyptian Jewelry collection. Marvel at the ingenious replication of one of the Seven Wonders of the World with illuminating renditions of the architecturally captivating Egyptian pyramids charms. The Egyptian pyramids are one of the most powerful and enduring symbols of Ancient Egyptian civilization. They are among one of the largest man made constructions and subject of extensive study and wonderment. With Egyptian pyramid charms you bring the wonders of these magnificent monuments to life.

14K Gold Pyramid Charms

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14k gold 3d egyptian pyramid charm
(Item # 4780KZ)
14K Gold 3D Egyptian Pyramid Charm
14k gold egyptian pyramid charm
(Item # 4782)
14K Gold Egyptian Pyramid Charm
14k gold egyptian pyramid pendant
(Item # 4783)
14K Gold Egyptian Pyramid Pendant

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