Birthstone Setting

Adding a Birthstone Setting to any piece of custom crafted jewelry takes an ordinary piece of jewelry and transforms it into an illuminating accessory. We can add a birthstone setting to almost any jewelry selection in our stocks. So go ahead celebrate your birthstone, or favorite color. Give a mother a special piece of jewelry with her birthstone and a birthstone setting for each of her children. Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry showcasing off their very own birthstone? Add a birthstone setting to a gift for your child, close friend, or special someone. Why not add a birthstone setting featuring your birthstone and your partner's birthstone to symbolize the intimacy and strength of your special relationship. A birthstone setting can even be added to flaunt your pride for your school colors, or sports team colors. Whatever your reason, a birthstone setting adds a slash of color and distinction to any piece of jewelry.

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Birthstone Setting
Luscious red hues of Garnet, January's birthstone adds a touch of vibrant color and warmth to any jewelry piece. The transparent purple tint of purple amethyst has been long associated with royalty; in fact fine amethyst is featured in the British Crown Jewels. Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence. Capture the tranquility of the sky and the mystery of the sea with an invigorating aquamarine birthstone setting, which according to old traditions is said to promise a happy marriage and bring joy and wealth to those who wear it. A diamond birthstone setting needs no introduction. Add a celestial touch to your custom jewelry with a galaxy of twinkling diamonds. Radiant green, the color of life and springtime has often been the color of beauty, love and wealth. A green emerald birthstone setting promises good luck and enhances wellbeing to those who wear it and enhances the positive characteristics of those born in May. Long ago, one would have to search thousands of oysters to find one rare pearl. These elegant and iridescent birthstones add a cultured and natural touch to your custom jewelry.

Dorothy's red slippers never looked as brilliant as a regal red ruby birthstone from Rubies are recognized as one of the most eminent gemstones symbolizing love, vividness, passion and power. The "evening emerald," Peridot's light color makes for the perfect coordinating summer accessory. A blue sapphire birthstone setting encapsulates all the shades of a deep blue even sky to the bright and clear summer sky making these sometimes-rare gemstones truly heavenly. Elegant and iridescent opal provides a breathtaking contrast against any shade of gold. Sunny and affordable, fresh citrine will invigorate any piece of jewelry. Blue topaz captures the essence of a chilled winter’s day with the light of the sun passing through opaque white clouds reflecting off of illuminating snow. A topaz birthstone setting adds a brisk touch of color to gleaming white gold and melts away those winter blues when set in warm invigorating yellow gold.

Scholars have drawn numerous theories about the origins of the birthstone. A birthstone is sometimes referred to as a "birthday stone" drawing references corresponding gemstones to calendar months. In 1912, the American national association of jewelers adopted a list of birthstones, which is presently the most commonly used list in the United States, amongst other places. There are, however, several birthstone lists. According to the signs of the Zodiac, the birthstone for Aries is Diamond or Opal; Taurus is Emerald or Sapphire; Gemini is Amethyst; Cancer is Ruby or Pearl; Leo is Jade or Diamond; Virgo is Sapphire or Zircon; Libra is Opal or Sapphire; Scorpio is Topaz, Citrine or Pearl; Sagittarius is Turquoise or Onyx; Capricorn is Garnet or Emerald; Aquarius is Amethyst; and Pisces is Aquamarine. This list does seem to vary between resources. In addition, there is a separate list of assignment for a birthstone setting according to the day of the week one was born: Monday-Pearl, Tuesday-Garnet, Wednesday-Cat's eye, Thursday-Emerald, Friday-Topaz, Saturday-Sapphire, and Sunday-Ruby.
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