Animal Bracelets

Animal Bracelets capture the exhilaration of the animal kingdom that has provided inspiration to artists for centuries. What better way to capture your love for animals than with a bracelet featuring cats, dogs, elephants, horses and more. Choose an animal bracelet featuring the larger cat family species including cougars, lions and tiger. We also feature pig, rabbit and camel animal gold bracelets. Each animal bracelet is intricately crafted with genuine 14k solid gold and finished with a glistening high polish. Crafted out of lively 14k gold, each animal bracelet offers a unique opportunity to cherish your favorite animal in a stylish and distinctive accessory you'll wear again and again. A gold animal bracelet makes a perfect jewelry accessory to women and girls of all ages because of its appealing durability and versatility.

14K Gold Animal Bracelets

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14k gold rabbit bracelet
(SKU # 11874)
14K Gold Rabbit Bracelet
14k gold elephants bracelet
(SKU # 11877)
14K Gold Elephants Bracelet
14k gold elephant bracelet
(SKU # 11878)
14K Gold Elephant Bracelet
14k gold african elephant bracelet
(SKU # 11879)
14K Gold African Elephant Bracelet
14k gold african elephants bracelet
(SKU # 11882)
14K Gold African Elephants Bracelet
14k gold standing elephants bracelet
(SKU # 11883)
14K Gold Standing Elephants Bracelet
14k gold dog breeds bracelet
(SKU # 11884)
14K Gold Dog Breeds Bracelet
14k gold dogs bracelet
(SKU # 11885)
14K Gold Dogs Bracelet
14k gold dog bracelet
(SKU # 11887)
14K Gold Dog Bracelet
14k gold dog & cat bracelet
(SKU # 11888)
14K Gold Dog & Cat Bracelet
14k gold dachshund dog bracelet
(SKU # 11890)
14K Gold Dachshund Dog Bracelet
14k gold camel bracelet
(SKU # 11891)
14K Gold Camel Bracelet
14k gold pig bracelet
(SKU # 11892)
14K Gold Pig Bracelet
14k gold sleeping cat bracelet
(SKU # 11893)
14K Gold Sleeping Cat Bracelet
14k gold sleeping cats bracelet
(SKU # 11894)
14K Gold Sleeping Cats Bracelet
14k gold playful cats bracelet
(SKU # 11896)
14K Gold Playful Cats Bracelet
14k gold kitty cat bracelet
(SKU # 11897)
14K Gold Kitty Cat Bracelet
14k gold cat with balls bracelet
(SKU # 11898)
14K Gold Cat With Balls Bracelet
14k gold cat playing ball bracelet
(SKU # 11899)
14K Gold Cat Playing Ball Bracelet
14k gold cat bracelet
(SKU # 11900)
14K Gold Cat Bracelet
14k gold cat with bows bracelet
(SKU # 11901)
14K Gold Cat with Bows Bracelet
14k gold kitty cats bracelet
(SKU # 11902)
14K Gold Kitty Cats Bracelet
14k gold cougar bracelet
(SKU # 11903)
14K Gold Cougar Bracelet
14k gold lion bracelet
(SKU # 11905)
14K Gold Lion Bracelet
14k gold tiger bracelet
(SKU # 11906)
14K Gold Tiger Bracelet
14k gold carousel bracelet
(SKU # 11907)
14K Gold Carousel Bracelet
14k gold carousel horse bracelet
(SKU # 11909)
14K Gold Carousel Horse Bracelet
14k gold horse bracelet
(SKU # 11910)
14K Gold Horse Bracelet
14k gold horse gaits bracelet
(SKU # 11911)
14K Gold Horse Gaits Bracelet
14k gold horses bracelet
(SKU # 11912)
14K Gold Horses Bracelet
14k gold horseshoe bracelet
(SKU # 11914)
14K Gold Horseshoe Bracelet
14k gold western bracelet
(SKU # 11915)
14K Gold Western Bracelet
14k gold cowgirl bracelet
(SKU # 11916)
14K Gold Cowgirl Bracelet

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