Assorted Charms

Nothing says charming jewelry quite like 14k gold charms from Gold Charms are the perfect touch to any jewelry collection. Charms tell fascinating tales of hobbies, professions, sports, vacations, jobs, holidays and more in the form of luminous 14k gold to dazzle your favorite charm bracelet or necklace.

14K Gold Assorted Charms

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14k gold artist palette charm
(SKU # 6414KZ)
14K Gold Artist Palette Charm
14k gold 3d laptop computer charm
(SKU # 6434YG)
14K Gold 3D Laptop Computer Charm
14k gold calculator charm
(SKU # 6435KZ)
14K Gold Calculator Charm
14k gold typewriter charm
(SKU # 6442KZ)
14K Gold Typewriter Charm
14k gold book charm
(SKU # 6447KZ)
14K Gold Book Charm
14k gold puzzle charm pendant
(SKU # 6488KZ)
14K Gold Puzzle Charm Pendant
14k gold 25mm puzzle charm pendant
(SKU # 6489KZ)
14K Gold 25MM Puzzle Charm Pendant
14k gold awareness ribbon charm
(SKU # 6495KZ)
14K Gold Awareness Ribbon Charm
14k gold aa unity charm pendant
(SKU # 6499KZ)
14K Gold AA Unity Charm Pendant
14k gold unity aa charm
(SKU # 6501KZ)
14K Gold Unity AA Charm
14k gold na charm pendant
(SKU # 6503KZ)
14K Gold NA Charm Pendant
14k gold peace sign charm pendant
(SKU # 6505KZ)
14K Gold Peace Sign Charm Pendant
14k gold 3-d love hand sign charm
(SKU # 6517KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Love Hand Sign Charm
14k gold thumbs up charm pendant
(SKU # 6519KZ)
14K Gold Thumbs Up Charm Pendant
14k gold evil eye charm pendant
(SKU # 6532KZ)
14K Gold Evil Eye Charm Pendant
14k gold evil eye charm
(SKU # 6535KZ)
14K Gold Evil Eye Charm
14k gold sunglasses charm
(SKU # 6538KZ)
14K Gold Sunglasses Charm
14k gold cigar charm pendant
(SKU # 6539-KZ)
14K Gold Cigar Charm Pendant
14k gold 30mm cigar charm pendant
(SKU # 6540KZ)
14K Gold 30MM Cigar Charm Pendant
14k gold 3-d smoking pipe charm
(SKU # 6543KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Smoking Pipe Charm
14k gold 3d smoking pipe charm
(SKU # 6544KZ)
14K Gold 3D Smoking Pipe Charm
14k gold 3-d binoculars charm
(SKU # 6586KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Binoculars Charm
14k gold 3d binoculars charm
(SKU # 6588KZ)
14K Gold 3D Binoculars Charm
14k gold 3d microscope charm
(SKU # 6589YG)
14K Gold 3D Microscope Charm
14k gold 3d camera charm
(SKU # 6590KZ)
14K Gold 3D Camera Charm
14k gold camera charm
(SKU # 6591YG)
14K Gold Camera Charm
14k gold 3-d camera charm
(SKU # 6593KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Camera Charm
14k gold movie camera charm pendant
(SKU # 6597-KZ)
14K Gold Movie Camera Charm Pendant
14k gold pretzel charm
(SKU # 6884KZ)
14K Gold Pretzel Charm
14k gold 3d fortune cookie charm
(SKU # 6885YG)
14K Gold 3D Fortune Cookie Charm
14k gold 3d hot dog charm
(SKU # 6887KZ)
14K Gold 3D Hot Dog Charm
14k gold 3d hamburger charm
(SKU # 6888KZ)
14K Gold 3D Hamburger Charm
14k gold ice cream cone charm
(SKU # 6889KZ)
14K Gold Ice Cream Cone Charm
14k gold ice cream sugar cone charm
(SKU # 6890KZ)
14K Gold Ice Cream Sugar Cone Charm
14k gold peanut charm
(SKU # 6892YG)
14K Gold Peanut Charm
14k gold bird house charm
(SKU # 7003KZ)
14K Gold Bird House Charm
14k gold wood grain birdhouse charm
(SKU # 7004KZ)
14K Gold Wood Grain Birdhouse Charm
14k gold 3d water well charm
(SKU # 7006KZ)
14K Gold 3D Water Well Charm
14k gold feather charm pendant
(SKU # 7012YG)
14K Gold Feather Charm Pendant
14k gold feather charm
(SKU # 7013-KZ)
14K Gold Feather Charm
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