Assorted Charms

Nothing says charming jewelry quite like 14k gold charms from Gold Charms are the perfect touch to any jewelry collection. Charms tell fascinating tales of hobbies, professions, sports, vacations, jobs, holidays and more in the form of luminous 14k gold to dazzle your favorite charm bracelet or necklace.

14K Gold Assorted Charms

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14k gold 3d gavel charm
(SKU # 4671YG)
14K Gold 3D Gavel Charm
14k gold judicial gavel charm
(SKU # 4672KZ)
14K Gold Judicial Gavel Charm
14k gold gavel charm pendant
(SKU # 4674KZ)
14K Gold Gavel Charm Pendant
14k gold lady of justice charm
(SKU # 4677KZ)
14K Gold Lady of Justice Charm
14k gold viking helmet charm
(SKU # 4821YG)
14K Gold Viking Helmet Charm
14k gold aladdin lamp charm
(SKU # 4823KZ)
14K Gold Aladdin Lamp Charm
14k gold aladdin magic lamp charm
(SKU # 4824KZ)
14K Gold Aladdin Magic Lamp Charm
14k gold 3d noose charm
(SKU # 4825-YG)
14K Gold 3D Noose Charm
14k gold ancient warrior charm
(SKU # 4827KZ)
14K Gold Ancient Warrior Charm
14k gold 3d shriner sword charm
(SKU # 4833YG)
14K Gold 3D Shriner Sword Charm
14k gold short blade sword charm
(SKU # 4838KZ)
14K Gold Short Blade Sword Charm
14k gold 3d sword charm pendant
(SKU # 4839YG)
14K Gold 3D Sword Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d oil rig charm pendant
(SKU # 5233KZ)
14K Gold 3D Oil Rig Charm Pendant
14k gold 3-d oil rig charm pendant
(SKU # 5234KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Oil Rig Charm Pendant
14k gold 3-d oil well rig charm
(SKU # 5235KZ)
14K Gold 3-D Oil Well Rig Charm
14k gold oil rig western charm
(SKU # 5236YG)
14K Gold Oil Rig Western Charm
14k gold oil derrick charm pendant
(SKU # 5238-YG)
14K Gold Oil Derrick Charm Pendant
14k gold fairy charm pendant
(SKU # 5586KZ)
14K Gold Fairy Charm Pendant
14k gold nail file charm pendant
(SKU # 6364YG)
14K Gold Nail File Charm Pendant
14k gold #1 stylist charm pendant
(SKU # 6365KZ)
14K Gold #1 Stylist Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d hair dryer charm
(SKU # 6373KZ)
14K Gold 3D Hair Dryer Charm
14k gold hair dryer charm pendant
(SKU # 6374KZ)
14K Gold Hair Dryer Charm Pendant
14k gold 3d scissors and comb charm
(SKU # 6380KZ)
14K Gold 3D Scissors and Comb Charm
14k gold barber scissors charm
(SKU # 6385YG)
14K Gold Barber Scissors Charm
14k gold 3d comb charm pendant
(SKU # 6388KZ)
14K Gold 3D Comb Charm Pendant
14k gold hair comb charm
(SKU # 6390KZ)
14K Gold Hair Comb Charm
14k gold comb charm pendant
(SKU # 6391KZ)
14K Gold Comb Charm Pendant
14k gold hairdresser comb charm
(SKU # 6392KZ)
14K Gold Hairdresser Comb Charm
14k gold razor blade charm
(SKU # 6396YG)
14K Gold Razor Blade Charm
14k gold 3d barbers clippers charm
(SKU # 6397KZ)
14K Gold 3D Barbers Clippers Charm
14k gold moveable 3d blade charm
(SKU # 6398KZ)
14K Gold Moveable 3D Blade Charm
14k gold 3d caliper charm pendant
(SKU # 6402KZ)
14K Gold 3D Caliper Charm Pendant
14k gold drafting compass charm
(SKU # 6407KZ)
14K Gold Drafting Compass Charm
14k gold ruler charm
(SKU # 6408-KZ)
14K Gold Ruler Charm
14k gold pen charm pendant
(SKU # 6410KZ)
14K Gold Pen Charm Pendant
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