Opal Rings

14K Gold Opal Rings reveal a magical prism of a rainbow of colors while divulging all the enchantment of love beneath the depths of its astounding luster. Succulent gold inlay with radiant shades of blue, green and black opal transform gold jewelry into art that will accentuate the inner femininity and tranquility of any woman. Because of the exceptional color variation of Opal, an opal ring is often portrayed as a mood ring reflecting the changing emotions and moods of the wearer. The majority of the world's opal is mined in Australia where legend has it that the creator descended to earth on a rainbow touching the ground with his foot and creating a sea of glistening colors that turned into opal. Asides from the beauty and attraction of opal, this precious stone is said to encompass the power to solve depression and help its wearer find true love. It is also understood to improve the positive characteristics for people born under the zodiac sign, Cancer. Gold opal rings are so comfortable to wear that you'll want to wear them over and over again wherever you go. Be amazed with an incandescent collection of dexterously designed opal rings that reflect inventive imagination and design.

14K Gold Opal Rings

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