Plumeria Bracelets

Plumeria bracelets are whimsical and conjure a sense of magic and wonder. Available in 14k yellow gold, two-tone gold and tri color and tri color gold, each plumeria bracelet is elegantly simple yet intoxicating. Choose from an enchanting selection of plumeria bracelets featuring wispy scrolls, exotic leaves and intricate life like detailing of each petal. Emanating with beauty and purity, a plumeria bracelet will add instant allure to your lifestyle while invigorating your look with enduring appeal.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Plumeria Bracelets!

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14k gold hawaiian plumeria bracelet
(Item No 12095)
14K Gold Hawaiian Plumeria Bracelet
14k gold plumeria hawaiian bracelet
(Item No 12074)
14K Gold Plumeria Hawaiian Bracelet
14k gold plumeria flower bracelet
(Item No 12096)
14K Gold Plumeria Flower Bracelet
14k gold plumeria w/leaves bracelet
(Item No 12075)
14K Gold Plumeria w/Leaves Bracelet
14k gold plumeria flowers bracelet
(Item No 12097)
14K Gold Plumeria Flowers Bracelet

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