Plane Charms

14K Gold Plane Charms satisfy any need for highflying speed! You're in charge of setting your own limits and style with this exhilarating collection of jet plane charms. Each gold plane charm boasts sleek design and radiating 14-karat gold. Our captivating collection of Plane Jewelry features F14 Tomcat Plane Charms, F22 Jet Plane Charms, MiG Plane Charms, Stealth Bomber Plane Charms, Attack Plane Charms, Freedom Fighter Plane Charms, US Air Force Plane Charms, NASA Aircraft Charms and much more all with exceptional attention to lifelike detailing. Plane Gold Charms command respect and will emanate success and power in the eyes of the beholder.

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14k yellow gold jet plane charm
(Item No 4475)
14K Yellow Gold Jet Plane Charm
14k yellow gold fighter plane charm
(Item No 4481)
14K Yellow Gold Fighter Plane Charm

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