Kitchen Utensils Charms

Gold Kitchen Utensils Charms are a must for any cook or culinary talent. Celebrate your love for food and cooking with a selection of marvelously fashioned 14k gold kitchen utensil charms that look like the real thing. You'll find eating utensils charms, cutting utensils charms, cooking utensils charms, baking utensils charms, corkscrew/ bottle opener charms and more of your favorite kitchen gadgets replicated in succulent 14karat gold. Be prepared for sizzling style with your own gold kitchen utensils charm bracelet.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Kitchen Utensils Charms!

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14k gold 3d silverware charm
(Item No 6918)
14K Gold 3D Silverware Charm
14k gold spoon charm
(Item No 6919)
14K Gold Spoon Charm
14k gold knife charm
(Item No 6920)
14K Gold Knife Charm
14k gold fork charm
(Item No 6921)
14K Gold Fork Charm
14k gold fork knife and spoon charm
(Item No 6922)
14K Gold Fork Knife And Spoon Charm
14k gold 3d carving knife charm
(Item No 6923)
14K Gold 3D Carving Knife Charm
14k gold 3d butcher's knife charm
(Item No 6924)
14K Gold 3D Butcher's Knife Charm
14k gold chef's knife charm
(Item No 6925)
14K Gold Chef's Knife Charm
14k gold place setting charm
(Item No 6929)
14K Gold Place Setting Charm
14k gold 3d eating utensils harm
(Item No 6930)
14K Gold 3D Eating Utensils harm
14k gold 3d corkscrew charm
(Item No 6931)
14K Gold 3D Corkscrew Charm
14k gold 3d bottle opener charm
(Item No 6933)
14K Gold 3D Bottle Opener Charm
14k gold bottle opener charm
(Item No 6934)
14K Gold Bottle Opener Charm
14k gold bottle opener 3d charm
(Item No 6935)
14K Gold Bottle Opener 3D Charm
14k gold 3d nut cracker charm
(Item No 6936)
14K Gold 3D Nut Cracker Charm
14k gold 3d probe charm
(Item No 6939)
14K Gold 3D Probe Charm
14k gold 3d whisk charm
(Item No 6940)
14K Gold 3D Whisk Charm

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