Insect Charms

Insect charms make a charming addition to any whimsical, animal or insect themed charm bracelet. With impressive attention to detail our 14k gold insect jewelry is meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials creating treasured keepsakes that offer universal style. Choose from snail charms, ladybug charms, bee charms, beetle charms, grasshopper charms and other insect charms for the perfect gift.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Insect Charms!

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14k gold snail in shell charm
(Item No 3184)
14K Gold Snail In Shell Charm
14k gold snail charm
(Item No 3182)
14K Gold Snail Charm
14k gold ladybug charm
(Item No 3181)
14K Gold Ladybug Charm
14k gold dragonfly charm
(Item No 3166)
14K Gold Dragonfly Charm
14k gold honey bee insect charm
(Item No 3169)
14K Gold Honey Bee Insect Charm
14k gold beetle insect charm
(Item No 3170)
14K Gold Beetle Insect Charm
14k gold fly insect charm
(Item No 3174)
14K Gold Fly Insect Charm
14k gold bee insect charm
(Item No 3175)
14K Gold Bee Insect Charm
14k gold grasshopper charm
(Item No 3176)
14K Gold Grasshopper Charm
14k gold bumble bee insect charm
(Item No 3178)
14K Gold Bumble Bee Insect Charm
14k gold ladybug on leaf charm
(Item No 3179)
14K Gold Ladybug On Leaf Charm
14k gold lady bug charm
(Item No 3180)
14K Gold Lady Bug Charm

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