Horse Charms

Horse charms make a majestic addition to any western, rodeo or horse charm bracelet. We've corralled a gallant assortment of meticulously crafted, premium quality 14k gold horse jewelry. Choose from show horse charms, rodeo horse charms, horse racing charms, wild horse charms, recreational horse charms and even Pegasus horse charms for any occasion.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Horse Charms!

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14k gold 3d horse trotting charm
(Item No 1748)
14K Gold 3D Horse Trotting Charm
14k gold horse head medallion
(Item No 1804)
14K Gold Horse Head Medallion
14k gold tame horse charm
(Item No 1817)
14K Gold Tame Horse Charm
14k gold horse charm
(Item No 1822)
14K Gold Horse Charm
14k gold pony horse charm
(Item No 1825)
14K Gold Pony Horse Charm
14k gold pony charm
(Item No 1827)
14K Gold Pony Charm
14k gold wild horse charm
(Item No 1828)
14K Gold Wild Horse Charm
14k gold horse bucking charm
(Item No 1833)
14K Gold Horse Bucking Charm
14k gold 3d prancing horse charm
(Item No 1840)
14K Gold 3D Prancing Horse Charm
14k gold 3d horse prancing charm
(Item No 1842)
14K Gold 3D Horse Prancing Charm
14k gold horse medallion charm
(Item No 1872)
14K Gold Horse Medallion Charm
14k gold walking horse charm
(Item No 1749)
14K Gold Walking Horse Charm
14kt gold gentle horse charm
(Item No 1815)
14Kt Gold Gentle Horse Charm
14k gold tamed horse charm
(Item No 1821)
14K Gold Tamed Horse Charm
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