Hair Stylist Charms

Gold Hairdresser Charms add style to your style. Precision styled Hairdresser Charms capture some of Hair Stylists most popular tools, recreated in exceptional 14k gold. Choose from #1 Stylist or Barber Hairdresser Charms, Hair Cutting Scissor Charms, Comb Charms, Styling Iron Hairdresser Charms, Razors and Hair Dryer Hairdresser Charms. Any of our carefully crafters Hair Styling Gold Charms would make a stunning addition to your Hairdresser Gold Charm collection while making an exceptional gift for the talented hairdresser at your favorite salon.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Hair Stylist Charms!

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14k gold #1 stylist charm
(Item No 6365)
14K Gold #1 Stylist Charm
14k gold 3d hair dryer charm
(Item No 6373)
14K Gold 3D Hair Dryer Charm
14k gold hair dryer charm
(Item No 6374)
14K Gold Hair Dryer Charm
14k gold hair scissors charm
(Item No 6384)
14K Gold Hair Scissors Charm
14k gold 3d hair comb charm
(Item No 6388)
14K Gold 3D Hair Comb Charm
14k gold hair comb charm
(Item No 6390)
14K Gold Hair Comb Charm
14k gold comb charm
(Item No 6391)
14K Gold Comb Charm
14k gold hair stylist's comb charm
(Item No 6392)
14K Gold Hair Stylist's Comb Charm
14k gold #1 barber charm
(Item No 6395)
14K Gold #1 Barber Charm
14k gold razor charm
(Item No 6396)
14K Gold Razor Charm
14k gold moveable blade 3d charm
(Item No 6398)
14K Gold Moveable Blade 3D Charm

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