Office Charms

Gold Office Charms make going to the office more exciting. You are sure to get compliments for your working style with any of our 14K Gold Office Charms. We feature a sensational lineup of Office Equipment Charms each carefully crafted with a finite attention to lifelike detailing. Shop miniature replicas of Laptop Computer Charms, Book Charms, Desktop Computer Charms, Typewriter Computer Charms, Office Calendar Charms and more that will add a sense of invigoration to your work day. Receive countless compliments when you add an office charm to your favorite occupational or hobby charm bracelet or charm necklace or brighten a colleague's day with an office charm as a gift. Work in style with a selection of Gold Office Jewelry you'll want to wear on or off the job.

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14k gold calendar charm
(Item No 6430)
14K Gold Calendar Charm
14k gold sundial charm
(Item No 6431)
14K Gold Sundial Charm
14k gold monthly calendar charm
(Item No 6432)
14K Gold Monthly Calendar Charm
14k gold computer laptop charm
(Item No 6434)
14K Gold Computer Laptop Charm
14k gold calculator charm
(Item No 6435)
14K Gold Calculator Charm
14k gold desktop computer charm
(Item No 6438)
14K Gold Desktop Computer Charm
14k gold computer charm
(Item No 6441)
14K Gold Computer Charm
14k gold typewriter charm
(Item No 6442)
14K Gold Typewriter Charm
14k gold book charm
(Item No 6447)
14K Gold Book Charm

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