Frog Charms

Our frog charms are a leap ahead of the rest. Meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials our 14k gold frog jewelry offers exceptional design and details. Choose from a handsome assortment of frog charms all available to you at just a click of the mouse.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Frog Charms!

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14k gold frog resting charm
(Item No 1567)
14K Gold Frog Resting Charm
14k gold decorative frog charm
(Item No 1568)
14K Gold Decorative Frog Charm
14k gold toad charm
(Item No 1571)
14K Gold Toad Charm
14k gold frog charm
(Item No 1572)
14K Gold Frog Charm
14k gold leaping frog charm
(Item No 1574)
14K Gold Leaping Frog Charm
14k gold polished frog charm
(Item No 1579)
14K Gold Polished Frog Charm
14k gold jumping frog charm
(Item No 1580)
14K Gold Jumping Frog Charm
14k gold swimming frog charm
(Item No 1582)
14K Gold Swimming Frog Charm
14k gold climbing frog charm
(Item No 1585)
14K Gold Climbing Frog Charm
14k gold resting frog charm
(Item No 1588)
14K Gold Resting Frog Charm

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