Dog Charms

Dog charms make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. Choose from a variety of breeds of 14k gold dog jewelry expertly crafted to showcase incredible lifelike detailing. You'll find collie charms, beagle charms, terrier charms, spaniel charms, bulldog charms, Maltese charms and pug charms to name a few along with dog bone charms and dog house charms to add to your animal or dog charm bracelet.

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14k gold collie head dog charm
(Item No 2004)
14K Gold Collie Head Dog Charm
14k gold 3d beagle dog charm
(Item No 2005)
14K Gold 3D Beagle Dog Charm
14k gold 3d dog bone charm
(Item No 2007)
14K Gold 3D Dog Bone Charm
14k gold 3d dog in dog house charm
(Item No 2008)
14K Gold 3D Dog In Dog House Charm
14k gold 3d dog house charm
(Item No 2009)
14K Gold 3D Dog House Charm
14kt gold 3d bulldog charm
(Item No 2010)
14Kt Gold 3D Bulldog Charm
14kt gold 3d dachshund charm
(Item No 2011)
14Kt Gold 3D Dachshund Charm
14k gold 3d beagle charm
(Item No 2012)
14K Gold 3D Beagle Charm
14kt gold cocker spaniel charm
(Item No 2013)
14Kt Gold Cocker Spaniel Charm
14k gold 3d scottish terrier charm
(Item No 2014)
14K Gold 3D Scottish Terrier Charm
14k gold 3d terrier charm
(Item No 2015)
14K Gold 3D Terrier Charm
14k gold collie charm
(Item No 2074)
14K Gold Collie Charm
14k gold collie dog charm
(Item No 2075)
14K Gold Collie Dog Charm
14k gold lassie collie charm
(Item No 2076)
14K Gold Lassie Collie Charm
14k gold long haired dog charm
(Item No 2077)
14K Gold Long Haired Dog Charm
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