Dance Charms

14K Gold Dance Charms capture the talent, grace and allure of Dance. Remarkably sculpted Dance Charms gleam with 14-karat yellow gold available in numerous styles and genres of dance. You'll find ballet, couple or ballroom dance charms, ballerina dance charms, ballet pointe shoe charms at more each crafted to perfection.

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14k gold 3d performing dancer charm
(Item No 6141)
14K Gold 3D Performing Dancer Charm
14k gold couple dancing charm
(Item No 6143)
14K Gold Couple Dancing Charm
14k gold elegant dancer charm
(Item No 6146)
14K Gold Elegant Dancer Charm
14k gold 3d hula dancer charm
(Item No 6148)
14K Gold 3D Hula Dancer Charm
14k gold kissing dancers charm
(Item No 6149)
14K Gold Kissing Dancers Charm
14k gold dancer charm
(Item No 6153)
14K Gold Dancer Charm
14k gold leaping dancer charm
(Item No 6154)
14K Gold Leaping Dancer Charm
14k gold agile dancer charm
(Item No 6155)
14K Gold Agile Dancer Charm
14k gold pair of dancers charm
(Item No 6156)
14K Gold Pair of Dancers Charm

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