Cross Charms

14k gold cross jewelry from is captivating with intrinsic beauty that cannot be beat. The cross has become one of the most commonly used ancient symbols throughout history, and is used in one form or another in many religions. It has been a symbolic icon for many influential religions and empires for centuries. One interpretation of the cross is that it is a representation of the division of the world into four elements or cardinal points. It is alternately seen as the union between the concept of the divinity and the world. Whatever it's meaning, a cross has become a very powerful and universally known symbol with geometric excellence and splendor. Our impressive gold cross charms, gold cross pendants, and gold cross necklaces are inspired by artistic variations throughout history. We've drawn our inspiration from the Celtic cross representing the circle of eternity with four seasons and growth, knowledge, vitality and wisdom. Victorian style crosses are elegant and intricately designed with elaborate yet delicate renderings. Christianity has held the crucifix as a religious symbol for centuries. Our crucifix crosses are a reminder of passion, sacrifice and eternal life with inspiring detail and illuminating gold.

14K Gold Crosses Jewelry!

14k gold cross pendants
14K Gold Cross Pendants!
14k gold crucifix pendants
14K Gold Crucifix Pendants!
14k gold cross charm pendants
14K Gold Cross Charms Pendants!
14k gold crucifix charm pendants
14K Gold Crucifix Charms Pendants!
14k gold cross charms
14K Gold Cross Charms!
14k gold crucifix charms
14K Gold Crucifix Charms!

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