Baby Charms

Baby Charms are a 14kt gold scrapbook you can wear again and again, giving you the chance to collect something that commemorates your infant's milestones and wont be outgrown in a month. By starting a charm bracelet for your little one and adding charming baby charms like a pacifier charm, milk bottle charm, bassinet charm, highchair charm or building block charm, you are creating a piece of jewelry that will grow with your child. With every milestone, you can add a new baby charm to tell the story of your child's life.

14K Solid Gold Baby Charms!

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14k gold girl face pendant
(Item # 5877)
14K Gold Girl Face Pendant
14 kart gold boy face charm
(Item # 5878)
14 Kart Gold Boy Face Charm
14k gold teen girl face pendant
(Item # 5879)
14K Gold Teen Girl Face Pendant
14k gold teen boy face pendant
(Item # 5880)
14K Gold Teen Boy Face Pendant
14k gold female head pendant
(Item # 5881)
14K Gold Female Head Pendant
14k gold male head pendant
(Item # 5882)
14K Gold Male Head Pendant
14k gold girl face charm
(Item # 5883)
14K Gold Girl Face Charm
14k gold boy face charm
(Item # 5884)
14K Gold Boy Face Charm
14k gold teen girl pendant
(Item # 5889)
14K Gold Teen Girl Pendant
14k gold girl charm
(Item # 5890)
14K Gold Girl Charm
14k gold teen boy charm
(Item # 5891)
14K Gold Teen Boy Charm
14k gold baby boy head charm
(Item # 5892)
14K Gold Baby Boy Head Charm
14k gold baby girl head charm
(Item # 5893)
14K Gold Baby Girl Head Charm
14k gold silhouette girl charm
(Item # 5896)
14K Gold Silhouette Girl Charm
14k gold silhouette boy charm
(Item # 5897)
14K Gold Silhouette Boy Charm
14kt gold girl pendant
(Item # 5898)
14Kt Gold Girl Pendant
14kt gold boy pendant
(Item # 5899)
14Kt Gold Boy Pendant
14k gold baby charm
(Item # 5903)
14K Gold Baby Charm
14k gold it's a boy charm
(Item # 5905)
14K Gold It's A Boy Charm
14k gold it's a girl charm
(Item # 5906)
14K Gold It's A Girl Charm
14k gold 3d pacifier pendant
(Item # 5910)
14K Gold 3D Pacifier Pendant
14k gold 3d pacifier charm
(Item # 5911)
14K Gold 3D Pacifier Charm
14kt gold 3d pacifier charm
(Item # 5912)
14Kt Gold 3D Pacifier Charm
14k gold 3-d pacifier charm
(Item # 5913)
14K Gold 3-D Pacifier Charm
14k gold pacifier charm
(Item # 5914)
14K Gold Pacifier Charm
14k gold milk bottle charm
(Item # 5915)
14K Gold Milk Bottle Charm
14k gold baby bottle charm
(Item # 5916)
14K Gold Baby Bottle Charm
14k gold baby milk bottle charm
(Item # 5917)
14K Gold Baby Milk Bottle Charm
14k gold 3d high chair charm
(Item # 5921)
14K Gold 3D High Chair Charm
14k gold bassinet charm
(Item # 5923)
14K Gold Bassinet Charm
14k gold 3d baby stroller charm
(Item # 5926)
14K Gold 3D Baby Stroller Charm
14k gold baby stroller charm
(Item # 5928)
14K Gold Baby Stroller Charm
14kt gold baby stroller charm
(Item # 5929)
14Kt Gold Baby Stroller Charm
14k gold 3-d baby shoe charm
(Item # 5932)
14K Gold 3-D Baby Shoe Charm
14kt gold 3d baby shoe charm
(Item # 5933)
14Kt Gold 3D Baby Shoe Charm
14k gold 3d baby shoe charm
(Item # 5934)
14K Gold 3D Baby Shoe Charm
14k gold new born baby shoe charm
(Item # 5936)
14K Gold New Born Baby Shoe Charm
14k gold baby boy cube charm
(Item # 5952)
14K Gold Baby Boy Cube Charm
14k gold baby girl cube charm
(Item # 5954)
14K Gold Baby Girl Cube Charm
14k gold boy t-shirt charm
(Item # 5957)
14K Gold Boy T-Shirt Charm
14k gold girl t-shirt charm
(Item # 5959)
14K Gold Girl T-Shirt Charm
14k solid gold spoon
(Item # 5962)
14K Solid Gold Spoon

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