Children's Jewelry

Baby jewelry is timeless. Precious memories crafted to take snapshots of moments in your infant and toddler's life, captured in scintillating 14kt gold. Browse through our captivating assortment of baby jewelry including baby shoe charms, birthstone baby charms, baby boy charms, baby girl charms, baby ID bracelets, baby pin jewelry, baby charms, and engraveable baby plates. We can't freeze time but you can turn those precious moments into a beloved keepsake with 14kt gold baby jewelry.

14K Solid Gold Children's Jewelry!

birthstone charms
14K Solid Gold Birthstone Charms!
baby charms
14K Solid Gold Baby Charms!
safety pins
14K Solid Gold Safety Pins!
tri color gold baby id bracelets
14K Tri Color Gold Baby ID Bracelets!
white gold baby id bracelets
14K White Gold Baby ID Bracelets!
yellow gold baby id bracelets
14K Yellow Gold Baby ID Bracelets!

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