Charms have been enchanting people for ages and today gold charms are more popular than ever, with so many possible combinations and designs, to tell the story of your life. 14k gold charms add a timeless and invigorating touch to any piece of jewelry. Crafted to last, and impress from morning until night gold charms can be worn anytime, anywhere and with any outfit. We've assembled a spectacular selection of 14k gold charms you'll love and inspire you to start your collection today.

14K Gold Charms!

animal jewelry
14K Gold Animal Charms
nautical charms
14K Gold Nautical Charms!
religious charms
14K Gold Religious Charms!
sea life charms
14K Gold Sea Life Charms!
seashell charms
14K Gold Seashell Charms!
sports jewelry
14K Gold Sports Charms!
gold charms
14K Gold Charms
celestial charms
14K Gold Celestial Charms!
gaming charms
14K Gold Gaming Charms!
14k gold hollow charms
14K Gold Hollow Charms!
teddy bear charms
14K Gold Teddy Bear Charms!
zodiac jewelry
14K Gold Zodiac Charms!

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