Celestial Charms

Whoever said you can't give someone the moon and the stars? With Gold Celestial Jewelry, you can give someone the sun, moon and the stars in the form of gold celestial charms. Inspired by astronomy, celestial gold jewelry showcases an impressive array of celestial charms including sun charms, moon charms, shooting star charms, planet charms, solar system charms, earth charms and more galactic selections meticulously crafted with innovative design style and exceptional craftsmanship. Reach for the sky with our selection of 14k gold celestial charms available at your fingertips.

14K Gold Celestial Charms!

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14k gold crescent moon pendant
(Item # 5616)
14K Gold Crescent Moon Pendant
14k gold crescent moon charm
(Item # 5626)
14K Gold Crescent Moon Charm
14k gold crescent moon face charm
(Item # 5627)
14K Gold Crescent Moon Face Charm
14k gold eight point star charm
(Item # 5636)
14K Gold Eight Point Star Charm
14k gold celestial star pendant
(Item # 5642)
14K Gold Celestial Star Pendant
14k gold five point star charm
(Item # 5643)
14K Gold Five Point Star Charm
14k gold star charm
(Item # 5644)
14K Gold Star Charm
14k gold smiling sun pendant
(Item # 5651)
14K Gold Smiling Sun Pendant
14k gold golden sun pendant
(Item # 5652)
14K Gold Golden Sun Pendant
14k gold smiley face sun pendant
(Item # 5653)
14K Gold Smiley Face Sun Pendant
14k gold sun pendant
(Item # 5654)
14K Gold Sun Pendant
14k gold golden sun charm
(Item # 5660)
14K Gold Golden Sun Charm
14k gold sun charm
(Item # 5661)
14K Gold Sun Charm
14k gold smiley face sun charm
(Item # 5662)
14K Gold Smiley Face Sun Charm
14k gold sunflower sun pendant
(Item # 5663)
14K Gold Sunflower Sun Pendant
14k gold sun and moon pendant
(Item # 5672)
14K Gold Sun and Moon Pendant
14k gold moon and sun pendant
(Item # 5673)
14K Gold Moon and Sun Pendant
14k gold globe continents pendant
(Item # 5677)
14K Gold Globe Continents Pendant
14k gold globe charm
(Item # 5678)
14K Gold Globe Charm
14k gold world globe charm
(Item # 5679)
14K Gold World Globe Charm
14k gold celestial pendant
(Item # 5684)
14K Gold Celestial Pendant
14k gold celestial planet charm
(Item # 5686)
14K Gold Celestial Planet Charm
14k gold thunderbolt pendant
(Item # 5689)
14K Gold Thunderbolt Pendant
14kt gold lightening charm
(Item # 5690)
14Kt Gold Lightening Charm
14k gold 3d italian horn charm
(Item # 5695)
14K Gold 3D Italian Horn Charm
14k gold shooting star pendant
(Item # 5700)
14K Gold Shooting Star Pendant
14k gold shooting star charm
(Item # 5704)
14K Gold Shooting Star Charm

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